Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More Athens Music on the Late Night Television Circuit

As promised, here is the video of Dead Confederate performing "The Rat" on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. Pay special attention to the end of the video when a classic moment in Conan history takes place at the 4:04 mark:

Special thanks to our pals in the Atlanta comedy troupe The Dorn Brothers for posting that one on youtube. Oh yeah, did you check out the web's hottest manatee site yet? I also really want to personally thank my boy Jason (drummer) for wearing a Gift Horse shirt that I handmade and gave to him. Johnny 5 (keys) is also wearing a Dornstar TV shirt in support of the Dorn Brothers' efforts. How cool is that? Blowing up like crazy and yet the dudes go on national television and look like walking billboards for all their friends' bands and projects back in Athens and Atlanta. That is truly what it's all about.

As if that wasn't enough, the boys in The Whigs will be on The Jimmy Kimmel Show TONIGHT. The show airs at 12:05 a.m. on ABC and the guests are the hilarious Seth Rogen and some kid from High School Musical 7. 

Both of these groups are great bands and are something to behold. They also both write funny and thoroughly detailed tour diaries which you can read by clicking on their band names above.

Also I can not remember a time in my entire life when I was more pumped up about a game than I am this weekend. I'm 25 and I think this is possibly the biggest game the Dawgs have played since I was old enough to understand what was going on around me. I think it's because the game is so definitive this year and because Urban Meyer is an entire box of tools.     


Anonymous said...

I like to think of him as a bag of dicks, but box of tools works too.

JJ said...

"The beard cushioned your fall"....LMAO

JJ said...

By the way Mike, this is without a doubt the biggest game the Dawgs have played in your entire 25 years. We were just past the days of playing "big games" back when you weren't old enough to know what was going on. 1984 = beginning of the mediocre Dooley years.

WLOCP in '02 and '05 were both big because UGA was undefeated, but since Florida sucked both of those years, the game didn't quite carry the magnitude. Many (including myself) believe that the winner of this game may be this season's ultimate National Champion (although obviously alot has to happen between now and then that neither of these teams can control.) This is the biggest game for UGA since the Sugar Bowl on 1/1/83 IMO.

Bop said...

Good stuff as always M.