Monday, October 20, 2008

Midseason All-SEC Squads

My thoughts....interested to hear where you agree or disagree. Always a topic that generates many opinions.

1st Team Offense
QB - Matt Stafford, Georgia
RB - Knowshon Moreno, Georgia
RB - Glen Coffee, Alabama
WR - AJ Green, Georgia
WR - Brandon LaFell, LSU
TE - Jared Cook, South Carolina
OL - Michael Oher, Ole Miss
OL - Andre Smith, Alabama
OL - Herman Johnson, LSU
OL - Mike Johnson, Alabama
OL - Ciron Black, LSU
PK - Ryan Succop, South Carolina
KR - Brandon James, Florida

1st Team Defense
DE - Tyson Jackson, LSU
DT - Myron Pryor, Kentucky
DT - Terrence Cody, Alabama
DE - Antonio Coleman, Auburn
LB - Ellix Wilson, Tennessee
LB - Rennie Curran, Georgia
LB - Brandon Spikes, Florida
CB - Trevard Lindley, Kentucky
CB - DJ Moore, Vanderbilt
S - Eric Berry, Tennessee
S - Emanuel Cook, South Carolina
P - Brett Upson, Vanderbilt

2nd Team Offense
QB - Tim Tebow, Florida
RB - Charles Scott, LSU
RB - Michael Smith, Arkansas
WR - Shay Hodge, Ole Miss
WR - Mohammed Massaquoi, Georgia
TE - DJ Williams, Arkansas
OL - Jonathan Luigs, Arkansas
OL - Antoine Caldwell, Alabama
OL - Gary Williams, Kentucky
OL - Maurkice Pouncey, Florida
OL - Chris Scott, Tennessee
PK - Jonathan Phillips, Florida
KR - Trindon Holliday, LSU

2nd Team Defense
DE - Sen'Derrick Marks, Auburn
DT - Peria Jerry, Ole Miss
DT - Geno Atkins, Georgia
DE - Jermaine Cunningham, Florida
LB - Patrick Benoist, Vanderbilt
LB - Rolando McClain, Alabama
LB - Rico McCoy, Tennessee
CB - Captain Munnerlyn, South Carolina
CB - Joe Haden, Florida
S - Jamarca Sanford, Ole Miss
S - Justin Woodall, Alabama
P -Tim Masthay, Kentucky

Player of the Year: Eric Berry, Tennessee
Offensive Player of the Year: Knowshon Moreno, Georgia
Defensive Player of the Year (not named Eric Berry): Antonio Coleman, Auburn
Coach of the Year: Bobby Johnson, Vanderbilt
Freshman of the Year: AJ Green, Georgia


SDawg said...

how do you leave Asher off this?

JJ said...

Painfully, Spencer. Painfully. I struggled mightily with that one, and probably went out of my way to try and not sound like a homer. Unfortunately its a numbers game for every position on these All-whatever teams, and without an INT he falls a little short. Lindley and Moore are probably locks for the CB spots at this point, as is Haden. Probably a coin toss between Munnerlyn and Asher for the other CB spot. Good point though, he definitely is a questionable omission.

SDawg said...

Love your blog. Keep it up.


Anonymous said...

not much argument on your all-sec list w/ the exception of WR. Although I do think AJ is a stud and will be playing on sundays eventually. I think putting him
1st team all sec right now is a total homer pick. Percy Harvin should be in that spot. I hate to say that because I absolutely despise Urban Liar and the Gayturds. I think that is the better pick though.

Anonymous said...

You left Asher Allen and Reshad Jones off...obviously by mistake.? They are both making a ridiculous amount of big plays on defense for the dawgs.

Anonymous said...

from previous post...DJ Moore only makes this list based on...i don't know what...because he got absolutely abused by a true freshman A.J. Green all game. Really? Moore over Asher? Really?

Anonymous said...

I notice there aren't a lot of Georgia D-backs on your list. Surprise. ;)

Do you guys know of any LSU bloggers who aren't entirely football bloggers? I need a victim for some bloggy trash talk this week.

JJ said...

Harvin's stats:
25 receptions
396 yards
15.8 yards per reception
5 touchdowns (tied for SEC lead)

AJ's stats:
36 receptions (SEC lead)
573 yards (SEC lead)
15.9 yards per reception
4 touchdowns

Harvin also has 190 yards rushing and 2 rushing touchdowns, but I'm not putting much emphasis on those stats since the selection is for All-SEC WR, not RB. I'm not discounting them, but I don't think you can put the emphasis on them. Green's numbers are clearly far better than Harvin.

I think you could argue Harvin over Massaquoi for 2nd team, but not AJ. I think alot of UGA fans don't realize just how good AJ has been. If he has just a little bit better 2nd half of the season (which the Vanderbilt game is a good indication that he will), he will get his name into the conversation for SEC Offensive Player of the Year. (Won't win it, but will get in the conversation.) 1,000 yards receiving and 10 touchdowns would be one of the best seasons ever for a freshman in the SEC at any position.

JJ said...

Anon @ 11:52....

Again, these things are largely based on stats, and Moore has 3 INTs against none for Asher. I think Asher has dropped enough of them to lead the league. Asher has been thrown on this year. I wouldn't call him a shutdown corner just yet. He is, however, the best tackling corner in the league and probably deserves some merit for that. I admit that was a questionable omission.

Reshad on the other hand, wasn't hard to leave off. Not because he hasn't been good, but there is no way he beats out Berry or Cook for the 2 safety spots on 1st team. On 2nd team, Sanford is 3rd in the league in tackles, Woodall is 2nd in the league in INTs. If Reshad has a few more games like he did against Vandy, he'll definitely be on this list at the end of the season.

VOLSFAN72 said...

As always, love the posts!!! I think it is great that you all give Eric Berry the credit he deserves! However, I am not sure that Rico McCoy should be on this list. He has not been the dominant linebacker that we had hoped. Ellix Wilson has easily taken that role (and you recognized that!!). I must say I am not sure how Percy Harvin does not appear on at least one of these two teams---and I hate Florida as much as anyone!!! I also cannot believe Crompton is not on here...jk

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hijack, but any Tennessee resident dawg fans need to check this out. Here's a chance to get a personalized UGA license plate. We need at least 1,000 pre-orders to make it happen. That number should be easy to reach as long as the word gets out.

Anonymous said...

AJ over Harvin would be the pick right now. EASILY.

The one that i am not sold on is Knowshon on the first team. Smith and Scott should both be ahead of him. Otherwise good stuff.

Asher and Reshad would be 3rd team in my opinion.

WHERE IS BRYAN EVANS!!>??? bwahahaha

JJ said...

Anon @ 10:11

Don't think I wasn't a little skeptical about my own pick of Knowshon...I don't think anyone could argue that he has performed below the standards we've set for him. The touchdowns are what put him near the top of my list (leading the SEC in scoring.)

On a related note, I'm glad to see that someone finally asked Richt why #24 can't seem to stay on the field for more than 2 consecutive carries, especially in the 4th quarter. My guess is that we'll start to see him pick up 30+ carries in these next few games against very tough competition. I'm looking for Knowshon to hit his stride beginning this week, and finish around 1400+ yards and close to 20 TDs for the season, which would be very strong numbers and back in line with what we expected.

Bop said...

I think an argument could be made for Clint Boling, Blair Walsh and Brian Mimbs for 2nd team.

I see the difficulty with Asher, but agree with you.

Reshad is starting to get it and just might dominate by next year, but no way is he 1st or 2nd team all-sec yet. He just isn't good enough against the pass. Yet.

Good stuff JJ.

Bop said...

Agree about Knowshon (gonna have Hearst TD numbers by end of season). I like how he keeps himself fresh and trusts the backups too.

Thanks for the info on the Tennessee tags Anonymous...we'll do a post on it to help get word out.

I love Eric Berry. Not sure there has ever been a player on an opposing team that I have ever coveted more than him. Actually, I know there's not.

Worm said...

I agree that Asher should not be on either list. He has got the worst set of hands I have ever seen. He may be the best cover in the SEC, but catch the damn ball.

Anonymous said...

Imagine how ridiculous our secondary would be if we could've snagged Eric Berry AND Morgan Burnett.


Richard said...

Asher needs to be on the list.
Eric Norwood is worthy of consideration despite that he is playing out of position. That guys just makes play after play.
Percy Harvin scares me more than anyone in the SEC.
Rashad .... not yet. He needs to put together a string of solid games (e.g. Vandy/UGA) before we start talking ALL-anything.

Bop said...

WR - Darryl Gamble, LSU