Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mid-Season Stat Check

The only stats that really matter to UGA at this point in the season are 5 wins and 1 loss. But statistics are kept during the games, and as long as that is the case we mind as well take a step back and see where some of our Dawgs stand.

  • The Dawgs currently stand 3rd in the SEC in points per game (behind Florida and Alabama) at 33 points per game.
  • In total offense, UGA stands in 1st by a fairly wide margin at 430 yards per game, ahead of LSU and Florida.
  • UGA sits 6th in the league in rushing offense at 159 yards per game, but are well ahead of everyone else in passing offense at 271 yards per game.
  • The Dawgs' offensive line has given up 4th fewest sacks in the league, only 8 on the season.
  • Georgia leads the league in 1st downs per game, as well as in 3rd down conversion percentage.
  • Knowshon Moreno is the league's 4th leading rusher at just over 98 yards per game. Moreno leads the league in scoring (10 points per game) and touchdowns (10), and is 3rd in the league in All-Purpose yards (124 per game), just behind Arkansas's Michael Smith and Florida's Brandon James.
  • Matt Stafford leads the SEC in passing yards per game (250) and total offense (259), and trails only Tim Tebow in Pass Efficiency.
  • Freshman A.J. Green is 5th in the league in receptions per game (4.8), 3rd in receiving yards per game (74), and actually leads the league in total receiving yards for the season (441.)
  • Mohammed Massaquoi is 9th in the league in receptions (3.9), and 6th in yards per game (55.)


  • 8 teams in the SEC give up less than 20 points per game, and UGA is last among those teams, giving up just over 18 ppg. (Interesting to note than LSU is 10th, obviously skewed by allowing 51 points this past weekend at Florida.)
  • The Dawgs sit 4th in the league in total defense, trailing only South Carolina, Alabama, and Auburn.
  • The Dawgs trail only Alabama in rushing defense, giving up 52 rushing yards per game. UGA is 4th in the country in the same category, trailing only TCU, Alabama and Texas (in that order.)
  • Georgia is a disturbing 11th in the league in pass defense (222 ypg), only better than Ole Miss. The Dawgs also sit 11th in passing efficiency defense. UGA sits a frightening 82nd in the nation in pass defense.
  • UGA is tied for 4th in the league in sacks, but 3rd in sack yardage.
  • Linebacker Rennie Curran is 6th in the league in tackles with 47. Curran is 5th in sacks with 3 (2nd among linebackers), and 3rd in tackles for loss (1st among linebackers.) Rennie is also tied for the league lead in forced fumbles.
  • UGA's 2nd leading tackler is Darryl Gamble, and surprisingly he is the only other UGA player among the Top 50 in the SEC in that category.

Special Teams:

  • UGA sits 9th in the league in kickoff returns, but leads the SEC in punt returns. The Dawgs are 3rd in the nation in the latter category at 20.9 yards per return (trailing only Oklahoma State and Eastern Michigan nationally.)
  • The Dawgs are 9th in the league in kickoff coverage.
  • True freshman Blair Walsh is 2nd in the league in scoring among kickers at 8.7 ppg, 2nd in FG made per game (1.67), and 3rd in the league in FG percentage (10 for 12, 83%.)
  • UGA's musical chairs at punt return have kept any one player from having enough returns to qualify for league honors, but Prince Miller would otherwise easily be 1st in the league and among the Top 5 in the country.
  • Ramarcus Brown sits 4th in the league in kickoff returns at 25 yards per game, even though I can't remember the last time he returned a kick (or saw the field for that matter.)


  • Of course, the Dawgs lead the SEC in penalties by an amazingly wide margin. The 2nd most penalized team in the league, Tennessee, is a full 20 yards per game behind UGA in this dubious category.
What does this all mean?
  • One could make a strong argument that Stafford is the league's best QB through the 1st half of the season, and might very well be the SEC Offensive Player of the Year at the half-way point (hard to argue that any offensive player has been better.)
  • A.J. Green might be the SEC Freshman of the Year at this point, although LSU QB Jarrett Lee could give him a run with a good 2nd half. Alabama RB Mark Ingram is also in the picture, although Glen Coffee has started taking the lion's share of carries on the Capstone.
  • Another thing I notice is an extreme lack of production from anyone other than Curran on defense. In previous years the SEC stat lists would be littered with UGA players at a number of different positions. There is no sign of anyone other than Asher Allen down the list in pass breakups. That is it among the Top 10 in all individual defensive categories.
  • Of course, the stats don't always tell the full story. Anyone who has watched the UGA defense this year knows that Geno Atkins and Corvey Irvin (as well as the other d-tackles) are having very good seasons. That, combined with Curran's uncanny ability to fill a gap like no other linebacker that I can remember, largely explains UGA's success against the run.
  • Likewise, opposing defenses are stacking the box to shut Moreno down, hurting his numbers and helping Stafford's.
  • UGA's pass defense numbers are dramatically skewed because the Dawgs are so good against the run. Still, I think most Dawg fans recognize some problems in pass defense that can't be easily explained at this point.


Worm said...

Great stuff JJ. Curran has been great as well as our D-line. The concern remains to be in the secondary, penalties and OL. If we get those worked we could be ok. Also, has there been any volunteers for the tackle position? I mean they have to know they will on IR in about 3weeks. Great Post.

JJ said...

Tripp has been moved back to tackle and will play there this weekend, backing up Boling at LT.

BayouDawg said...

2 players that would/will make a difference in the coming weeks. Vance Cuff and Brandon Southerland.... would help the pass defense and will help #24.

I don't know if anyone saw it, but CJ Byrd and Asher Allen were none the happy with Evans after the 2nd TD in the SouthWest corner of the stadium. Both were acting like "what were you thinking" and I was too, however I did notice on replay that the other corner of the endzone had a Vol just as wide open as the other. The DB's don't seem to be on the same page and for whatever reason, we are not seeing much of #25. I don't see how putting him in there would put us in any worse shape than #3. I thought Miller stepped it up a touch in the UT game, however Evans is just plain aweful. If #3 is covering Harvin in a couple of weeks, ole Percy will have a career day much like Champ Bailey did at LSU in 97'. Tebow will sling it out to Harvin on a 2 yd button or slant and let him fly down the sidelines. I think we are going to wax LSU but are going to need efforts from our DB's unlike anything we have seen this season to beat UF.

Great update JJ.

Bop said...

I'm really pleased with where the offense seems to be headed. I have a feeling it is about to explode (similar to last year about this time). 29 first downs (18 in the 1st half...18!) against a Tennessee defense that was leading the SEC going into the game was really impressive.

On defense the thing I'm really pleased with is the rush defense. The linebacker play is reminiscent of the BVG years. Sure the secondary is still struggling in some spots, but nothing is worse than not stopping the run. Nothing.