Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hines Ward Video

Hines Ward has been in the news lately because of the Steelers/Ravens feud. Good luck cashing in on that bounty. Here is a new video on youtube of 86 doing work:

(video: aeschylusoresteia)

Great pick by the Falcons in the 3rd round taking WR Jammi German over Hines in the 1998 draft. At least the 'coons made up for it by taking Brooking in the 1st round.


A Free Man said...

oing to say how much I missed Hines. But the more I watch A.J., I think he's going to be even better than Ward.

Geaux Dawgs!

Amanda said...

We call this football boys. I see nothing wrong with those hits. amanda vanderpool model