Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Double L Ranch

Week 8

Wallet Check: - $500
Week 7 gains/losses: - $800

The Shlitz has been scratching his head the last few days. This past week the stars were aligned, the venue was changed and oddly enough the gambler from the Wynn… He broke even (on the Dawgs) after he gave me that advice. Yet, here I sit, throwing out vouchers with zero value along with the pocket lint that’s accumulated over the past few weeks onto the sidewalk in front of Uptown Lounge. Vegas proved to provide too much booze and not enough insight for me to stay any longer. One would think the Shlitz has been defeated, and to the weak minded that idea may hold schnapps, but not so fast. This week we’ve got another 10 bagger in the making being brought in via cargo ship from Puerta Vallarta, which by the way is where most my peeps have taken refuge. Anyhow, on with the story. After arriving on Pan Am flight 324 into the ATL, I made a quick call to an old friend, Mark Richt, in hopes to meet up for some frothy ones and chase a little tail in Athens. As I was brought in via helicopter to a grassy field outside Athens in what’s known to locals as Winterville, I sensed a nervous silence around the Dawg City. Perhaps it had to do with the academic finals taking place, but it seemed more than that. It was as if the Nation merely had hopes to get through this matchup with Vandy and move on to the iron slate that follows. Let me tell you something, The Commodores have different plans. Bobby Johnson, whom Coach Richt and I had cocktails with just last night indicated that he would be bringing in the quiet assassin Mackenzie Adams to unleash havoc upon the Dawgs. Though Mark and I certainly raised an eyebrow at this arrogance, he wouldn’t divulge his grand attack scheme, but did indicate the game will come down to the wire. With this simple utterance from my friend who could no longer stand upright, I took a long pull from my gin & tonic and marinated on that comment for quite some time. As time passed, Mark headed on to the house, but Bob wouldn’t let it go. A fight about broke out as Mark headed for the door, but luckily I was able to call Bob back in with the lure of some breast fed Yager Bombers with our hostess, Joleen, at the East West Bar and Bistro. As a side note, I have to say that as the cocktails streamed, I couldn’t help but notice Bob’s death grip on the cell phone. When I offered a puff of my smoke, he sighed as though he had just pulled his head from a toilet bowl, and suggested he was to be expecting a call from (as he put it) a friend in Northwestern South Carolina. I’m not sure what the hell he was talking about and frankly don't care, but the mood quickly changed as we stumbled around the bend and entered the Double P’s. I have promised Bob to seal the remainder of the AM hours in a bottle, however, it was a marvelous evening and I learned a lot from that character. The Shlitz gained an inside track on this weekends game to say the least… That is, don’t doubt a man when thousands of Benjamin’s may be waiting right around the corner. Look for a closer then expected ball game this weekend between the hedges. Even if it is UGA getting in its own way. But that’s another story.

10 Benjamin’s
Take Vandy and the 15 at Georgia



BayouDawg said...

No you didn't

Bop said...

Ha! I caught it too bayou. Classic post my friend.

Anonymous said...

i thought that chopper was another cop looking for my stash again

Anonymous said...

For some reason, I get the feeling that this game will not be close. I know running qb's have given us trouble before, but I don't see it happening. Vandy is getting brought back to reality for the second straight week. Dawgs win big, and by big I mean 20.

JJ said...

Have to agree Phat Wallet. I wouldn't touch this one with a 10 ft pole, but if you made me do it, I'd have to pick the Dawgs. If the Dawgs score 20 they will probably cover.

JJ said...

Here are my 10 for the week (doubling up since I abstained last weekend):
Oklahoma State -16 vs Baylor
Nebraska -6.5 at Iowa State
South Fla -24 vs Syracuse
Utah -21.5 vs Colorado State
Oregon State -13.5 at Washington
Northwestern -3.5 vs Purdue
UConn -1 at Rutgers
UNC -5.5 at Virginia
New Mexico St -2.5 vs San Jose St
North Texas +19 at Louisiana Monroe