Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Double L Ranch

Week 6

Wallet Check following Week 5: $1,600
Week 5 gains/losses: -$700

Uh, hmmm.... OK now, let's all calm down and look at this from top to bottom. The Dawgs lost... I know, I'm sure you geniuses out there who claim to have seen it comin' are anxious to get your 20 seconds of fame, and I look forward to hearing it, but let me tell you this. UGA not only got what it deserved, but what it needed, in a gloves off, blood spittin, bad effin kind of game... That, by the way, may very well have awoken a sleeping giant. The Shlitz had this game analyzed from every angle. Barring the off chance that execution, penalties, and heart take presedence, Georgia wins this game. Well... That's exactly what happened. Alabama, looked like a team possessed and my hats off to their effort. Likewise though, hats off to the Georgia squad too, that had the heart to show up in the second half and earn a great deal of dignity in my book. Let me tell ya, UGA needed a good sock in the mouth and needed it early in the season. Now, the Dawg Nation and players alike, can quit whining about the rankings and go out and play some dag blasted football! No jersey will win a game for you (though I loved the hype) and in the end, it will always come down to heart and preperation and Alabama showed it. However, I believe, Georgia got the shot it needed and here's a toast to meeting again in the ATL for the game of "TRUTH".

Let's get back to the Shlitz though. All my attention was focused on the Dawgs last week and I cost us Benjamin's. I was wrong... It happens. Not often, but it happens. Good thing is, if you've followed the Shlitz since Day 1, you're still up $1600 on the year and well on your way to Dubai for the C&C golf tournament (just announced, details later). So save the bitchin for Sarah Palin and her foreign policy on Russian sea taxi's to Alaska... Dag gum illegals!

Dont' read too deep into that....

This week the Shlitz is throwing a knuckle ball at the Bellagio Books. After last week and the calls I received from several of the Pit Boss Demagianos, I've come up with a strategy. Let's play our hand this week on those getting the points. Sure, there's games out there with good looking covers, but let's keep in theme and take the fluff. Not only the fluff, but road fluff. Now, is when the gambling season gets tricky for the naive and faint of heart. Here's you're week 6 money makers:

5 Benjamin's

Washington getting 21.5 at Arizona

OK, so BOP has blasted Washington and for good reason. However, Washington will keep this game tight by the mere fact that Arizona football in general sux ass across the board. In fact, don't be suprised to see Wahington play Arizona to the final minute in this one before giving up.

4 Benjamin's

Oregon +17 at USC

Southern Cal is looking to rebound from the biggest embarassment in recent football history (next to Michigan against App "got a pipe?" State). Look for Southern Cal to jump out early, but the Ducks will have plenty of offense to keep the Trojans on their heels.

3 Benjamin's

San Diego State + 24.5 against TCU

TCU comes off a tough game where they looked inept against OU. Call it a bad game, or call it TCU football, you still find yourself drawing the same conclusion. It's that time of year that TCU folds under pressure and finds themselves fighting for a bowl invitation of any sort despite the early hype. SDSU will cover the points.

2 Benjamin's

Texas A&M + 25 at Oklahoma State

OSU is creeping into the top 10 without so much as a whisper out of the media. This club is putting 50 or more on the board every week. This week is a rivalry game. Although A&M sucks, I have to believe it still has enough pride to not get beat by 25. Who thought they'd see the day that OSU is favored by 25 over A&M. Really?! Heart will keep this close.

1 Benjamin

Kentucky +16 at Alabama

I'm not for sure, but I think I've lost every game I've bet against Bama. Therefore, take this with a grain of salt, but also take it with a grain of pepper. There's no reason to think Bama won't blow them out of the water, but we all know this team, when facing an all too obvious paper analysis they are prone to lay an egg. Time will tell. Shlitz says take UK.

Hopefully, gents, we're back on track and can get reacquainted with the double silos in our hip pocket. It was a tough week 5, but we got a lot of football left to play across the board. See you next week for earning a better way of life!



Aardvark said...

Schlitz, you're a donkey! Nice picks last week. I'm hoping you were high when you made those picks. Remember, say no to crack! Anyway, I'm giving you one more week to redeem yourself before I jump off of the Schlitz train. My wallet hopes you were sober this week.

Cold beer or death!

dean said...

You do know Jake Locker is out with a broken thumb, right? Washington is already a bad team but without Locker they will be horrible. It's allot of points and Arizona not a good team by any means but I wouldn't put to many Benji's on that one.

mccain/milf said...

Ok I won't read to deep into that comment Shlitz

mccain/milf said...

*too deep I should have said

JJ said...

The magic went 3-2 again last week to push the overall record to 12-7-1. Still on top but not what I'm used to.

This week:
1. Ball State -7.5 at Toledo (this may be the lock of the year)
2. Texas Tech -7.5 at Kansas State
3. Kansas -12.5 at Iowa State
4. Western Michigan -5 vs Ohio
5. Fresno State -22.5 vs Hawaii

Lots of scary hooks in the games above, but I really like Ball St and Tech to win BIG.

I also really liked Boise last night, but Schlitzy wouldn't post LL in time, so I couldn't get that one on the record.

I also like Oregon to cover this weekend but can't pull the trigger given their QB issues.

JJ said...

That wallet is getting awful thin, Schlitz.

Bear said...


Does the thin wallet surprise you in the least. He's below .500 on the year. I tell you, if you just put a c-note on each of his picks and go the other way its the easiest money you'll make. I'm up several c-notes on the kid. Keep em coming Schlitz. Who you got this week?