Friday, September 26, 2008

Southern California Shakedown

Isn’t it funny how we all put so much emphasis on the preseason polls and rankings?
All the talk, all the bitchin, all the chaos. Then the truth. THIS is college football. This is why we love it and this is what makes it the greatest pastime in America (sorry baseball fans. I did hear some team called the “Rays” are doing pretty good though). For the last few years college football predictions have perplexed the best of football analysts. This year is no exception. Southern Cal had convinced everyone that they were hands down the best collegiate team to take the field in 2008, and too many of ESPN’s finest propelled them as “possibly the best of all time”. They were stacked, like no team in history from top to bottom. The question before this game was, “who will challenge USC in the BCS Championship game?” Now we see the truth in Pete Carroll’s club and I look forward to the “solitude in silence” from the national media’s opinions leading to the Georgia/Bama matchup (though Corso won’t let that happen).

Many here at C&C, and the Bulldawg nation on the whole, have voiced disturbance in the media’s darling, Southern Cal. So they beat Virginia… Accolades were thrown their way, much to the chagrin of those with any ACC knowledge (made us wonder what info they had to think Virginia was worth a nickel). Then USC beats Ohio State. “All Hail” was the battle cry from ESPN and the overpaid analysts they deploy. I mean, am I the only one to see that Ohio State would probably not win 5 games against UGA’s schedule? All the while Georgia wins significant battle grounds at SEC foe South Carolina, and again at Arizona State, only to be ripped of merit by the media’s darlings. Where will the media claim their alliance now? Surely not UGA. Look for OU and Missouri (or pick your team other than UGA) to take stage 1.

I have to give hats off to Oregon State though. Besides the fact that they confirmed my thoughts on SC, I couldn't help but think, that little Jacquez Rodgers fellow would have relished in a moment with Munson in the booth. He made a few runs that you could almost hear a voice from next door screaming, “My God a freshman!” If you didn’t see the game, you wouldn’t understand. It was beautiful seeing a 5’7 freshman carve up SC like that…

Anyhow, as an SEC advocate, in all honesty, I would put Vandy against SC and anticipate one hell of a game. Frankly, I think Tennessee and that pissin dog, would even take it to the Trojans. This game proved that SC has no place in the BCS and should be dealt a Sun Bowl Bid against Boise State for the “West Coast Bad Ass Trophy”. Whether the media seeks shelter, or stands behind their darling will soon be seen.

Enough on SC though, you’ve got to love this game and now the regionally beloved Dawgs have their work cut out for them this weekend. The table is certainly set, with fine wines and the finest flank steaks awaiting the SEC victor. To leave you all and any football analyst with a question to ponder in making your week 5 team rankings: Would UGA be more frightened of facing Southern Cal, or any of the top 4 SEC rival programs (Bama, UF, Auburn, LSU)?


Anonymous said...

You're right C&C.

After USC beat Ohio State. Everyone had already put them in the BCS Championship game. Everyone. Fox. CBS. ESPN. Most bloggers. Everyone.

Eh, not so fast my friend.

In comes Oregon State.

I was skeptical about their Virginia win after UVA barely got by Woffard. Moreso after they got beat by UConn. And after watching OSU struggle with Ohio and Troy, I was convinced this wasn't "the greatest team of all-time."

I hope that crow tastes good--Mark May.

Isn't it funny that the OSU from Oregon, not the one from Ohio, put the Trojans in their place.

Thank you, Beavers. Thank you.

Bop said...

This should ensure a one loss SEC Champion plays for it all. Actually one loss Big 12 Champ vs one loss SEC Champ.

Here's hoping the Dawgs are the best in the SEC this year. Bama sure does love where they are sitting...they win this weekend, they should go to #1.

Bop said...

What if BYU pulls a Fresno baseball??

Just saying.

A Free Man said...

That was absolutely gratifying to see, I get so tired of listening to how incredible USC is. I mean, they play in a conference that is battling the Big East for worst this year. Out of the way for the SEC and Big 12.

Hey if y'all have time come over and check out my Bama-UGA pre-game blogger duel.

Bop said...

Quote of the year:

Pete Carroll.. "Pac-10 is ridiculously hard."

Ally said...

What angered me the most was the crowning of USC into the mnc game after beating a highly overrated Ohio State game.

I don't push conspiracy theiories about an espn/UGA bias, but I do think they play favorites. This is a prime example of how IRRESPONSIBLE journalists have been with their opinions. Those opinions affect the way people vote - most pollsters just watch the espn highlights & rely too much on those pundits rather than facts before casting their ballots.

I would love to believe that this loss will change this need to crown favorites so early in the season (especially when one team has only played 2 games & had the luxury of 2 bye weeks), but I'm past the age of believing in fairy tales.

It will be very interesting (and important to college football actually) to see where we're ranked if we baet Alabama - even if Oklahoma wins against #24 TCU.

We've been under the microscope too long. Hopefully this will show espn they should've been disecting USC just as much.

Keeping my fingers crossed for fairness.

Mackie said...

Bop you missed the rest of Pete's comment...

"The Pac-10 is ridiculously hard to not get an officiating job with."

duvydawg said...

I know CMR came out in the paper today and squashed any rumor saying that they would wear Black helmets...but don't you know that at least one senior/coach/other player on the team has uttered the phrase Black Pants with the Black Jerseys....just to kick it up a notch and throw that element of surprise back in them running out on the field like last year.

Personally, I would put odds on black jerseys along with black pants 50/50.

Remember when you see them run out the tunnel with all black on, you heard it hear first.

JJ said...

Duvy, I've been saying that might be a possibility since last weekend. I have nothing to base that on, just my gut feeling. Doing so might actually recreate the element of surprise that we saw last year prior to Auburn. Not sure how it will look. I wonder if Stafford would have any trouble adjusting to all black out there due to the fact that it would look so much different than what he's used to seeing us wear. My guess is no, but it may be a possibility when you are thinking about split second decision making against an aggressive defense.

Anonymous said...

No. Black. Helmets.

They would look horrible.

LeakBrewerGator said...

This happens every year. Frankly I'm not all that surprised USC choked last night. The Trojans are continuously overrated by the Network. I bet Mark May still has them in his NC game.

That being said, I don't know about Vandy giving them a good game.

duvydawg said...

Good post about some guys who travel to wherever Gameday is. God, I'm glad I'm from the South...for days like tomorrow.

Schlitz said...

Hey Brewer Gator,
Chances are, though disillusioned, you come from a fine line of blood. How bout I wager you $20 right now that Vandy beats Florida on Novemeber the 8th? Bets on C&C pay out on outside grounds. This is because C&C does not endorse gambling on this site in any way, shape, or form. That doesn't mean the stakes can't be promoted here...

Projection: Following a Dawg pounding of the Gators the week before, look for the Commodores to feast like... Well, Commodores. It's in your court.

By the way, any up of the ante will be seen as an act of frustration given the potential point spread. Bet is on the table.

JJ said...

Duvy, they should write an article about those who stay as far away from the Gameday set as possible. That article would certainly include me. I've been considering setting up my tailgate out by the old K-Mart spot on Atlanta Hwy because my current spot off Hull is actually too close to Myers Quad. You can't get me far enough from that crap.