Friday, September 5, 2008

"New Dawg Unleashed"

I was reading a new comment from this post from 'fish and thought it should be posted. Thanks for sharing duvy.

Anonymous duvydawg said...

First game memories are always a good topic. Mine was 1992 UGA vs. now defunct Cal St Fullerton and a beat down was handed to the titans. But by far my favorite first day memories was my eldest son's first game back in 2006. This one also coinsided with Matt Stafford's first start. JT did great and we have the socks, pictures and ABH paper haging in a shadowbox. I walk by that everyday and love the headline still that rings true for Stafford and JT, it reads, "New Dawg Unleashed" By the way that game was a 34-0 drubbing of UAB.

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