Thursday, September 4, 2008

A few week 1 thoughts...

Some unfortunate family emergencies have kept me from any posts this week until now. Sorry for the lack of content this week.

Some week 1 thoughts:
I am blown away by the Clemson situation. This crap reminds me of the Donnan & Quincy situation. Tommy is on his way out. He will have to win the ACC or he will be fired at the end of the season. Carolina whipping them later on will probably be the final straw. That type of recruiting is like selling your soul. It reeks of desperation. Plus you lose all respect from your kids that are working hard to earn time on the field.

So I just finished with a meeting downtown Athens and I went over to Little Italy's to get a #1 (hot, all the way) and I'm reading JJ's post from the other day about the freshman that played Saturday. As usual anonymous poster shows his ignorance and tries to show up JJ by saying that Nick Williams didn't play against GSU. Personally, I don't see how someone would be so negative to comment like that, especially in one of the best posts I've seen all summer on any blog. So I open up a R&B from Tuesday while eating and see this picture (above). Well played anonymous.

Speaking of that post JJ did the other day, I too was really impressed with the young pups. Marcus Dowtin seemed to play the whole game. Kid is gonna be a stud. Sports Dawg made a good point (commenting in that post) that these kids are going to help the program more this year than they probably would during their 5th year. Not to mention, these are the types of talented players that will be in Athens for only 3 or 4 years anyway. I love the fact that the program is in no need to redshirt anyone who is ready to play right away. Plus, when Garner and Richt tell a recruit that they will compete for time right away, the proof is out there that if you are ready to play as a true freshman, you will get your chance. (unlike above comment about Clemson promising the first carry of season to a recruit whether he deserves it or not)

Also regarding all the freshmen playing early...If this team does live up to its expectations, there is a decent chance that a lot of underclassmen might leave for the NFL early over the next couple of years. Well, this freshmen class will have already gotten plenty of experience for when it becomes their program to lead. And not just experience, but quality experience on a top 3 team. Whether our hated rivals want to admit it or not, Georgia is LOADED and going to be in the National Title picture for the foreseeable future.

Speaking of commenter's...just want to say thanks to people like A Free Man, helpmyunbelief, Ally, Sports Dawg, Mackalicious, hunker down, Bayou, Duvy, dog44, redcrake, Darryl Strawberry, hobnail boot...etc etc etc.... We really appreciate your input and involvement in this blog. Whether you agree or disagree with things that are posted, you always make this site better.

Congrats to this weeks Fan of the Week over on Bulldawg Illustrated. Let's just say, she and her bulldog puppy are friends of C&C. Thought the answer of her favorite all time player was a classic and it looks like someone grew up with a friend that was a maize and blue fan. Btw...the BI is the best publication going. Period.

Screw ESPN...the best CFB shows are Tailgate Overdrive on Sun, College Football Now on NFL Network, and Inside College Football on CBS College Sports--Brian Jones is the best unknown personality in the business.

I'm not so sure Georgia Southern wouldn't beat Virginia. Just saying. No matter if it's for the title or not, I really hope Georgia gets USC in a bowl this year. Man, I wish we would have played them in last years Rose Bowl.

This post really made me smile. Here's hoping there is a lot more of that coming in the future. That was just the tip of the iceberg with the stories that 'fish has.


JJ said...

I wanted so badly to post something about the Clemson situation this week, but never got around to it. I cannot believe that story. You're about to start a season filled with more expectations than your program has had in 25 years and you give your first offensive touch to a true freshman fullback, because you promised him you would? Absolutely, positively, the most idiotic thing I have ever heard of. Unbelievable.

Bop said...

He got his recruit, but lost his program the moment that happened. Someone is gonna inherit some good talent in a joke of a conference real soon.

Gene Chizik would do with that program what CMR has done in Athens.

Mackie said...

I think it's a load of dog-squeeze I was listed 5th on the thank you note to readers.

Bop said...

Lol Mack...I knew I should have left you off that list.

Mackie said...

...yeah I've always been the kind of guy the old saying "Just ignore him and maybe he'll go away." as been reference toward.