Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Double L Ranch

Week 5

Wallet Check following week 4: $2,300
Week 4 gains/losses: $1,300

It was a stellar week for Shlitz on the big board. Going 4 of 5 and losing the single Benjamin game by a hair…

Let’s get right to it, as this week has got me coiled up like a rattlesnake. There are quite a few good games out there for widenin the wallet, but this dang Dawg game won’t seem to let me concentrate on a one of them. We got Munson departing, a blackout looming and some tank ass for this “better than expected” club from Tuscaloosa looking to spoil the party. It makes it hard for the Shlitz to really analyze any game other than this one! However, with a smooth glass of Old Grandad to sip on, I’ve compiled the best bets of the week. So without further ado:

5 Benjamins
UGA – 6.9 over Bama

The Tide have surpassed the expectations I had for them by this time in the season and for that, “congrats to them”. However, I have looked at this game from every angle and have come to a crystal clear conclusion. The Dawgs will beat the lima beans out of the Tide! Even in a feeble attempt to bring the Bama mascot onto the field and suit him up, this game will be easier won then projected. Look for Stafford to scorch Bama early with a steady dose of Knowshon in the end. I also see a pick six coming this week. Something the Shlitz only predicts once a year!

4 Benjamins
Minnesota getting 17.43 against Ohio State

The Gophers are the next team on the Ohio State slate that, like the previous teams, has a legit shot at beating the Buckeyes. I don’t know that they’ll have the offensive strength to pull off the upset, but rest assured, the Gophers will keep it close.

3 Benjamins
Auburn -6.5 against the Vols (and that dog that's probably still pissin himself)

Like I said before, Tennessee will be lucky to get 5 wins this year and this week isn’t one of ‘em. Auburn will be tough at home and that D should come close to blanking the Vols. Auburn still has a lot to play for this season, so don’t expect any letdown after last week. The Vols should throw two touchdowns this week, unfortunately it will be to the wrong team.

2 Benjamins
Miami -7 over UNC

Chapel Hill is out their starting QB and comes of a tough home loss to VT. The wind is definitely out of their sails. While Miami will be parading around their home field like it’s the NBA all star game in the ATL. This one won’t even be close as the U’s speed will disrupt any potential successes the Heels had in mind.

1 Benjamin
Troy +16.5 against OK State
Troy is a heck of a football team. They’ve been taking their lumps while the Cowboys spent last week relaxing on the range and roastin marshmellows. Come Saturday, the Trojans will ride into Stillwater and douse the coals of the still smoking campfire. It’ll take a last minute touchdown by the Cowboys to stop the shakin in their boots and survive this gridiron battle.

Should be quality football viewing this week, but let’s be honest, there’s only one game worthy of the C&C and further discussion. Go Dawgs and we’ll tune in to the Shlitz next week!



duvydawg said...

Good picks Schlitz. Hope you're able to watch some of them. Have fun at the wedding (who schedules a wedding in the fall anyway) Check out and post your thoughts on the wedding you attend during the biggest game in Sanford in 25 years.

Schlitz said...

I know duvy, thanks for reminding me and the patrons of C&C. Yes, I have a wedding to attend... Good news is I'll still be home in time for kickoff. Bad news is, I won't be in attendance at Sanford Stadium. The bride and groom live in London, so I have to excuse them for their planning on account that they have no idea of the implications and grandeur at stake. I know, I know, still no excuse, but life must and will go on.

JJ said...

The Magic was a paltry 3-2 last week, but still 9-5-1 thus far on the season.

1. Wisconsin -6 at Michigan
2. Pitt -15 at Syracuse
3. Arkansas St -1 at Memphis
4. Oregon -20.5 at Washington St
5. Stanford +1 at Washington

Anonymous said...

Um, what happened to my comment?

Teh Shclitzster cant handle a little heckling when he drops the O-fer???

Bop said...

Calling out the 0-fer for Schlitz is more than acceptable. He can handle it. Heck, it's well documented that he's up almost a grand for the season.

That being said, this is no message board and certain comments will be deleted if needed. Certain comments have a greater chance of getting axed when posted anonymously too.

Thanks for stopping by.

Schlitz said...

O-fer? Is that a 1-4 translation, or merely lack of diligence on your part Annoyance? Really don't care, but yes, it was a terrible week. Now, the gloves are off and time to focus on reclaiming the lost Benjamin's! Coming soon...

Certainly would be better off with your money in the market, huh? Oh wait...