Monday, September 22, 2008


I am sitting here tonight watching the CSS replay of the Arizona State game, and I actually have come to the conclusion that CSS did a better job with their broadcast of the game than big, bad ABC did. Yeah, I realize that CSS has the unique opportunity to edit it before it is broadcast, but there are some obvious areas where CSS is easily the superior offering between the two.

1) Matt Stewart and Matt Stinchcomb are much better to listen to than Musberger and Herbstreit. First time I've ever heard Stinchcomb call a game, and I am very impressed. I'm biased since I did spend some time with him on the golf course this summer, but he is actually pretty polished on the air, and obviously knows alot about what he's watching (which is alot more than you can say about Herbstreit when it comes to anything outside of the Big 10.) With the news of Munson's retirement and Howard/Zeier taking over, if I were the Georgia Bulldog Radio Network I'd consider hiring Stinchcomb full time if he wants to do this for a living. I don't have any problem with Zeier, but Stinchcomb is excellent and may have a future as a color analyst for somebody.

2) I didn't have to worry about missing plays due to lousy camera-work with CSS. ABC flat out missed the deep ball on UGA's first play from scrimmage, and had some trouble getting caught up to another one later in that quarter. That is simply pathetic for a national network televising a prime-time game.

3) At one point in the 4th quarter, CSS had a microphone somewhere on the UGA sideline and caught an interesting conversation between Richt and the lead referee. Richt was really giving this dude the business about a missed call, and it was a side of him that I don't think we often see. Stewart and Stinchcomb recognized quickly what was going on and managed to stay somewhat silent throughout the exchange. No chance of that on ABC, with Musberger unwilling to allow a silent moment to pass without mentioning something that usually has nothing to do with the game he's watching.

4) And perhaps most importantly, I don't have to look at Stewart and Stinchcomb superimposed inside of some kind of circus tent. Anyone who can explain to me what ABC is going for with that gets a prize.

I believe it had been 5 years since the Dawgs were last on ABC, and as far as I am concerned 5 more years won't be long enough.

Kudos to the CSS group, their replay broadcasts are getting much, much better with time.


Bop said...

I'd love to never watch a Musberger called game the rest of my life.

Anonymous said...

Matt Stewart is the worst play-by-play guy in HISTORY. He's an absolute moron. I have never heard someone mix up players so often.

But i pray that they replace Buck with Stinchcomb. Stinchcomb is excellent. However, i like Zeier and i think he and Scott do a great job. Let them get it going for a year or so before making any decisions.

Also, i disagree on Herbstreit. While i dont really care for the guy, i thought he did a great job, was very knowledgable and professional.

JJ said...

Agree on Zeier, I especially like the enthusiasm that he and Scott both interject into the broadcast. It won't replace half of what Larry brought to the table, but we still need some degree on homer-ism.

I guess my intense hatred for Herbstreit doesn't allow me to develop an unbiased opinion of him. I've never heard him make an analysis of anything involving college football that I didn't already know.

Anonymous said...

"I've never heard him make an analysis of anything involving college football that I didn't already know."

I agree with this. But i know *everything* about college football so that is what i like to hear ;)

Honestly, Herbstreit is one of the better options out there...have you heard the likes of Ed Cunningham, Bob Davie, Paul Maguire, Bob Griese, etc.? At least Herbstreit makes accurate observations.

Btw, great job with the in-season blogging. Very enjoyable to read...

JJ said...

Agree Darryl. There aren't many good options out there at all. Danielson and Blackledge are my two favorites. And as much as it pains me, Jesse Palmer is pretty damn good (if you can get past his clip-on ties.)

I'd like for Craig James to take a long walk off a short plank.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Like Jody said, i cant believe a Canadian Gaytor is the best ESPN analyst, but it's true. Even if he and Craig James have a giggle party during each Thursday night broadcast.

As far as Danielson is concerned, he will say Tim Tebow 1 Million times this year. And that alone makes me despise him. (But he is good)

Schlitz said...

For the average football fan on a nationwide scale, Herbstreet is the best current candidate. JJ, you know more about the game and analysis then is healthy for any one man. I mean really, I see your point, but I'm speaking for the general population and where they get their info. Herbstreet lays it on the table for the masses. Now Corso... That little bastard will make the likes of "Rowdy Ratliff's" stomach churn!

For those who don't know "Rowdy", he goes down in folklore as one of the greatest beer drinkers in UGA history. Great Bulldawg fan and you'll be glad he's on your side!