Wednesday, September 24, 2008

'Crazy Cooter'

Corvey Irvin was riding a bus with some of his Georgia teammates when he got his first real introduction to freshman center Ben Jones.

Somewhere along the ride, Jones spotted a dead grasshopper on the ground, Irvin said. The lineman picked it up, bit it in half and swallowed.

"I knew he was kind of crazy when he did that," Irvin said.

"He's a tough kid," Stafford said. "I think you could put Warren Sapp in front of him, and he'd say, 'Let's go.' "
---from David Hale article on

I'm starting to think Jones will hold his own against Terrance Cody. Sure Mt. Cody will win some battles, but I'm betting Jones will win the war. He is reminding me of David Pollack. Everyone was shocked when Pollack got on campus as a true freshman and was fighting upperclassmen like Jon Stinchcomb in practice. By the next spring, Pollack was the leader of the team. He never quit. Ever. Ben Jones seems to have the same attributes.

Everyone has that friend that will NEVER back down in a fight. Let's say there is a guy twice the size of everyone else....he's throwing his weight around, trying to intimidate everyone. Then he picks on the wrong guy, the guy we all know...the crazy guy half his size who looks him right in the eyes saying, "Sure you will probably whip my ass, but in the process I'm gonna rip one of your ears off." So now what does the big guy do? How does he react? Is it worth risking an ear?

No one has come close to challenging Cody before now. I have a feeling Mt. Cody might end up having to risk an ear to win the battle of the trenches this Saturday. He's a big son of a gun and a great talent, but I'll be looking for 'Crazy Cooter' to stand up to him. He gets the benefit of the doubt because so far in his career, no one has done that to him. Let's see how Mt. Cody reacts the first time he has someone hit him in the mouth. This Saturday sure as hell won't be a Bobby Petrino coached Arkansas team going against Cody. Ben Jones seems to be one of those kids that you have to kill to beat in a fight. We just might witness the future leader of the team come into his own this weekend.


Anonymous said...

The great thing about all this is that our Freshman center will be fatass Terrance Cody's greatest challenge yet. Our freshman center...

How bout them dawgs!

Worm said...

Omar Hunter the 5 star DT from Buford said Ben Jones was the toughest OL he faced during any of the camps this past year. It would not surprise me if he will be one of those under the radar recruits that UGA seems to find (Thomas Davis, Daivd Pollack) that ends up being drafted on the first day.