Monday, September 29, 2008

The Coach Mark Richt Bowling Challenge

So I was at my league game at the lovely Showtime Bowl off of Macon Highway tonight and I thought I would go to the board and check on the standings in The Coach Mark Richt Bowling Challenge. CMR is an avid bowler and I've seen him in Showtime with his family on more than one occasion. The challenge is a 32 team co-ed league open to all UGA students, players and coaching staff included. As far as I can tell, there are 11 teams in the league that are comprised of nothing but players/staff. Here's a snapshot of how our boys are doing so far through week four (team names in bold, real averages listed first followed by high game):

Goonies, My House (14th place)
Craig Sager- (real avg.)137-(high game)201
Demiko Goodman- 101-127
Vernon Spellman- 104-148
Kenneth Harris- 106-180
Zach Renner- 119-149

White Storm (9th place)
Brandon Wheeling- 119-138
Casey Nickels- 99-126
Andrew Gully- 136-165
Wes Jacobs- 128-158
Devin Hollander- 135-182

Mono Y Mono (10th place)
Justin Fields- 113-150
Andrew Johnson hasn't shown up yet
Matt DeGenova- 105-122
Josh Sailors- 135-180
Stephen Braue- 89-126

Untouchables (12th place; how about this for a bowling team?)
Mark Richt- 163-193
Knowshon Moreno- 155-190
Matthew Stafford- 166-207
Demarcus Dobbs- 156-190
+ 1 of Knowshon's friends (UGA student not part of the squad)
*Team Scratch Game Leaders (741), Team Scratch Series Leaders (1998)

Holy Rollers (1st place)
Ben Jones- 115-126
Richard Samuel- 124-193
A.J. Green- 135-190
Sanders Commings- 116-148
+ 1 UGA student
*Team Handicap Game Leaders (926)

Dem Freshman (31st place)
Carlton Thomas- 106-130
DeAngelo Tyson- 108-121
Marcus Dowtin- 93-99
Nick Williams- 100-122

Goons (23rd place)
Mohamed Massaquoi- 106-139
Michael Moore- 113-153
Bryan Evans- 110-171
Tavarres King- 122-147
+1 UGA student

Water Bottles (32nd place)
Kevin Perez- 102-141
Ben Harden- 71-99
Chris Davis- 120-165
Darryl Gamble- 97-124
Aron White hasn't shown up yet

Young Stunnas (16th place)
Justin Houston- 119-184
John Knox- 95-123
Vance Cuff- 110-142
Neland Ball- 81-109
Caleb King hasn't shown up yet

Hoof Hearted (25th place; great team name for the kickers and longsnappers)
Andrew Jensen- 100-113
Brian Mimbs- 139-168
Jamie Lindley- 127-151
Bo Fowler- 135-153
Ty Frix- 117-144
Jordan Stowe- 109-145

Hot Rollas (30th place)
Akeem Dent- 129-185
Reshad Jones- 133-157
Ramarcus Brown- 129-148
Bacarri Rambo- 123-155
Prince Miller- 117-143

Here's a video posting the week one results (set to a funky Modest Mouse groove):

By now it's evident that I have way too much time on my hands. Just doing my part to help us keep our minds far (but not too far) away. You know, focus on something a little more lighthearted. Hope everybody is coping okay over the bye week.


JJ said...

Thanks for posting that, M. Pretty entertaining video.

I love the chest pass from B. Evans.

Bop said...

"Aron White hasn't shown up yet"


Anonymous said...

Richt should spend his time studying the opposition instead of bowling.

Mike said...

Saw that one coming. I agree anonymous. 24 hour practices. Every day.

It takes an hour and a half to bowl a league game. I think they can spare it to build a little morale and give back to the students. I trust the skipper on this one.

Yeah JJ I think there may have been some damage done to the newly resurfaced lanes.

OK Showtime where's my check?

Amanda said...

Very nice video.. seems like Coach Mark Richt have a hidden talent.. Amanda Vanderpool