Sunday, September 28, 2008

Black Saturday

Well, Georgia got hammered. Saban and Richt tend to do this kind of thing to each other on occasion. Congrats to Alabama. Hopefully Georgia plays to their potential and wins the East. Maybe they get another shot at Alabama in Atlanta. I'm really not all that disappointed. I come to expect these letdowns. Not making it to the title game would be a huge failure though.

The crowd was impressive. The atmosphere in Athens was incredible. There really wasn't much Georgia could have done. They ran into a buzzsaw. It happens. It's football. Alabama has great coaching and some really good players. They played an absolutely perfect first half in a hostile environment. Absolutely perfect. I'm just glad it wasn't a hated rival that did this to Georgia this time.

(AP Photo/John Bazemore)


Anonymous said...

The person pictured in the photo has good reason to hang his head. Absolutely got destroyed all night.

Mike said...

Well said Bop, spoken like a TRUE Dawg fan. Relax, Bama's good and we played our absolute worst. I feel no pity whatsoever for anyone who actually bought in to the national title crap at this point in the season.
Before we all get pissed off, remember that the new polls are a joke. It apparently makes no difference that USC and Florida lost to unranked opponents. Inexcusable. So what's the point? Don't buy in to anything that you read regarding college football. EVER. Even right now. At least we lost to a good team (unlike a few of our contemporaries who remain ranked above and near us). So disregard that stuff.

All that being said, our coaches didn't make adjustments, both lines were dominated, I don't know what the hell the secondary was doing, couldn't stop the run, we kicked a ball 18 yards, penalties killed us, the black jerseys were a little too important, blah blah... By the way, the only reason that may have had an impact last year vs. Auburn was because it was a suprise to the players. They bowed their heads in the locker room, said a pre-game prayer, and when they opened their eyes they had black jerseys hanging in front of them. That's awesome. Not gonna work when you decide on the trip home from Arizona a week earlier and tell everybody.

I'm sorry about the length. If our team is worth it's salt we'll get a second chance when it counts...

Bear said...


I'm not sure you recall your post-game rantings, but today must be a better day than last night.

My favorite: "Get in the f@*!ing kudzo and make love"--An instant classic.

BayouDawg said...

This may be a little much of the C&C crew, however would it be possible to get an injury/player status each week before the game? Any word on Durham and Ellerbe?

BayouDawg said...

Nevermind on the status of the two players, I just found some things on this w.w.w. thing...


All with injuries that could cause them to miss UTenn.

Figgins - gone for the season.

Man I hope these storm clouds move quickly off of the program.

JJ said...

I saw this coming in the SC game, but by the time I watched the Arizona State replay I had completely blocked it out of my conciousness.

We had a couple of years of poor OL recruiting (particularly in recruiting for depth) that we are now paying for dearly. We'll start to see major improvement by the end of the season, and OL will eventually be a strength similar to what we see at Bama this year. But for the immediate future we are going to struggle against teams that have a strong front 4.

The lack of a pass rush is the only glaring weakness on D right now. Most of JPW's completions last night (other than the RB screens) were to his 3rd progression. We have got to find a way to generate some better pressure on the QB.

Last night was bad, but the good news is that it cannot possibly get any worse. We won't play a team with a better offensive and defensive line. We will however, play a number of better quarterbacks and better rushing attacks.

On a positive note, I was proud of how we fought back to make the score respectable. Teams of lesser character and pride would have lost that game 41-7.