Friday, August 29, 2008

The Whigs

Here are a couple of video's of The Whigs performing "Right Hand On My Heart". Probably the most well know performance is this one on Letterman:

courtesy TheWhigsband

Here is an acoustic version:

courtesy thetripwiredotcom

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Anonymous said...

They are amazing live. Awesome band.

Anonymous said...

These guys are fantastic! I've not heard them before and am glad that I did. I'm so far away from Athens these days that I just miss out on so many great bands coming out of there.

Thanks a lot for this tip! Going to check out what iTunes has got.

Bop said...

Make sure you stop by 'Rebel Forces' when you need your music fix...linked on the right. They will keep you updated on whats going on locally.

Anonymous said...

where did that faggot bass player come from?

Amanda said...

The drummer looks like "Animal" from the Muppets...Amanda Vanderpool