Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Top 5 Greatest Sports Movies of All-Time

Here is the top 5 sports movies of all-time:

5. Miracle- True story of the 1980 USA Men's Hockey Team defeating the dominate Soviet Men's Hockey Team. Coached by Herb Brooks (Kurt Russell), he went against everyone's idea of what it takes to beat the Soviets, stuck to his guns and won.

4. The Natural- This is the story of Roy Hobbs (Robert Redford), the farm boy with natural talent and a love for baseball. Well on his way to being the best player to ever play, he gets sidelined by a woman (of course) and ends up out of the game for 15 to 20 years. He returns in time to save an organization from a crooked owner.

3. Caddyshack- One of the top comedies of all-time. Story about golf and the country club snobbs. Insert a wealthy, loud builder (Rodney Dangerfield) to offset the snobb country club president (Ted Knight) and throw in Bill Murray and Chevy Chase and this becomes an instant classic.

2. Hoosiers- True story about Indiana high school basketball and the tough minded Coach Norman Dale (Gene Hackman) who has a checkered past. He comes to town to coach a high school basketball team his way. Town tries to kick him out at a town meeting and the star player who would not play decided to show up at the town meeting and says "I play, coach stays. He goes I go." They eventually go on to win the State Championship.

1. Cinderella Man- True story of James "Jim" Braddock (Russell Crowe), a washed up boxer who battles the Great Depression of the 1930's and made a comeback to become the Heavy Weight Champion of the World. A true underdog story of hard, pride swallowing times that every man should see. If you ever think you are having a hard time, go watch this movie.

There's my list. Let me know yours.


JJ said...

In no particular order:
-The first 2 Rockys
-Tin Cup
-Dead Solid Perfect (very underrated)
-Bull Durham (this is #1 on alot of people's lists, I am not as fond of it)

Hoffa23 said...
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BayouDawg said...

JJ - you are the only other person I know of that has seen Dead Solid Perfect.....F'in A thats a classic!

I would say for sheer entertainment value, that Rocky IV is probably up there just because of the training scenes....and of course watching the godfather of soul act like, well, a jackass

Hoffa23 said...

remember the titans
rocky 3&4
major league
glory road
white men cant jump
and if you went to acs charoits of fire

Anonymous said...

All great lists ---

I would add THE PROGRAM

Speaking of movies - the other night IRON EAGLE was on TV. Man I love that movie -- cheesy as hell but I can't turn away.

Now that would be a good list - movies you like but won't tell anyone you like.

Ally said...

1) Field of Dreams
2) Radio (its a homer thing)
3) A League Of Their Own (its a girl thing)
4) Bull Durham
5) Remember The Titans

Honorable Mentions:
--Jerry Maguire
--Million Dollar Baby (again, a girl thing)
--Friday Night Lights - I can't believe no one mentioned this one yet.

Bop said...

Brian's Song
The Hustler
The Color of Money

All would be in my top 5

Worm said...

My honorable mentions are:

Rocky 3 & 4
Jerry MaGuire
Bull Durham
Remeber the Titans
Major League

Beak said...

The Program? seriously?

Dead Solid Perfect is hilarious, Randy Quaid is great in that flick

Anonymous said...

Beak -- How can you not like the program?

When Lattimer is taking steriods and he goes NUTS Screaming "Staring defense! Place at the table!"
[then smashes head through car window]

or this exchange:
Coach: We gotta ring that bell! We gotta to ring that championship bell!
Steve Lattimer: Ding motherf**ing dong!

Maybe you never painted your face before a big game or got sweat in your eyes enough to appricitate the realism of that movie.