Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More Moreno..."like a scalded dog."

Since JJ's countdown is on Knowshon today, I figured I'd put this new highlight reel put on youtube last week of 24 during the '07 season. He'll be hard pressed to have a run the rest of his career that I'll enjoy more than the one against UF at the 2:38 mark.

video courtesy of MomentumFootball

Like my Dad says, "He run's like a scalded dog."


JJ said...

My favorite run comes at the 4:15 mark. No less than 6 Auburn defenders laid hands on him before it took 3 to get him on the ground.

Mackie said...

Rumor has it they'll remodel the Heisman trophy after the 3:11 mark of this video.

Bop said...

When UGA starts pushing Knowshon for the Heisman, I bet they use that run Mackalicious. Like when Washington State mailed out an envelope with nothing but a leaf in it to heisman voters back when Ryan Leaf was in the running (pretty good marketing imo).