Monday, September 1, 2008

Fantasy Football

Last Reminder

Catfish and Cornbread is starting a Pro Fantasy Football League

The league is run through The Sporting News and is a salary cap game. There is no draft. You simply have $35 million to spend on 8 players. The players dollar values will move up and down each week depending on how many other people own that player. Just like the stock market, buy low, sell high. Really fun and it is free. No experience needed and we will be competing against players in our league and all the other leagues as well.

The league game is: Salary Cap Fantasy Football Challenge

The league name is: Catfish and Cornbread

The password is: dawgs

Where: click here

Click on Salary Cap Fantasy Football Challenge. Click on join an existing league. Enter our league name and password. Comment any questions. League starts on Sept. 3, 2008. Anyone is welcome to join.


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