Friday, August 1, 2008

Dawgs #1 in Coaches' Poll

In the first poll of the season that matters, the Dawgs are #1, followed by Southern Cal, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Florida and LSU. Auburn is #11, Arizona State #16, and Tennessee #18, with Alabama and South Carolina just on the outside looking in. For the first time in history, the Dawgs are #1 in a major preseason poll.

Alot of folks want to shy away from this, saying we'd rather be a little under the radar, hanging around the Top 5 but certainly not #1. I say BRING IT. If you're good enough, you're good enough. If you're not, a little reality check wouldn't be a bad thing in the long run. The hype machine is about to crank up to full capacity, and I'm ready to jump on board. The next 29 days are going to be alot of fun, not to mention the 130 or so that follow them.


Mackie said...

If you've ever seen Animal House, when Flounder gets really excited and says "OH BOY IS THIS GREAT!" That is me every time I think about how close college football season is getting...I can almost touch it!

Otto said...

I'm with you JJ. I get sick and tired of ppl saying that the hype is going to go to the players head. Now it is time to go wire to wire #1 baby.