Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Countdown to UGA-GSU: 4 Days

#4 Caleb King, RB
5-11, 215, Norcross GA (Greater Atlanta Christian School), RS Freshman
The tales of King's athletic prowess and his football potential reached legendary status in his first couple of years in high school (then at Parkview High in Lilburn GA.) The numbers he put up as a junior were staggering - almost 2800 yards (the best total for a high school junior in state history) and 19 touchdowns - all while playing the highest classification of football in the State. He transferred to GAC for his senior year (his brother was an assistant coach there), and was putting up more impressive numbers until breaking his leg halfway through the season. Conventional wisdom early in his career was that he might be heading to Auburn, although LSU, Florida, USC and Virginia Tech were also in the mix. He was unquestionably a Top 10 prospect at his position when he committed, but the luster seemed to drop off slightly after his injury. Still, his signing was met with extreme excitement among UGA fans and was a big coup for Richt, Garner and Bobo (who was his primary recruiter.) King was considered one of those "borderline" redshirt candidates who would have to navigate his way through a crowded backfield with Thomas Brown, Knowshon Moreno, and Kregg Lumpkin in front of him. He always seemed to have the redshirt half-way off during the 2007 season, and after Brown went down with an injury in early October, there was talk that King would see his first action, perhaps even in the Florida game. Then Knowshon showed himself to the world, Brown got better, and King remained on the scout team. All the while he packed on about another 20 lbs, and entered spring practice in 2008 with more of the same - high expectations.After a great G-Day game, King appeared ready to do more than just spell Moreno in 2008.
Depth Chart Analysis: King has not had the best fall camp. He's been hampered with a hamstring injury, and he just had the green jersey removed yesterday for the first time in a while. In the meantime, most people that have seen practice over the last 3+ weeks think that Richard Samuel may have passed him for the "official" #2 spot. King is still an outstanding talent, but the fact is that he hasn't played in a competitive game in almost 2 years. He may be a tad gun-shy from the broken leg, and some game action might be all he needs to get the mojo back. He's 100% again by his own assessment, so expect to see him get at least 8-10 carries on Saturday, and try to work his way back up toward the top of the tailback rotation.


Anonymous said...

"After a great G-Day game, King was considered one of those "borderline" redshirt candidates who would have to navigate his way through a crowded backfield with Thomas Brown, Knowshon Moreno, and Kregg Lumpkin in front of him."

Caleb was not a midyear. He had a 'great' G-day game this spring. He wasnt in Athens yet for Spring 07.

4 DAYS!!!

JJ said...

Sorry about that, I added the G-Day comment after the fact and put it in the wrong place. Now you see why I am not a real journalist.

Anonymous said...

Parkview is in Lilburn, not in Snellville. (Sorry to be nitpicky - I am from Snellville and have a step brother who played with Caleb at Parkview).

JJ said...

My apologies to the Parkview and Brookwood faithful that may be reading.

Anonymous said...

Forget Lilburn! Forget Snellville! I'm here to represent the booming metropolis of Dacula baby! A city and school so great that Brannan Southerland had to go out and play for the Falcons! Wait...he went to GAC.

We did have Kenny and David Irons though. My brother had classes with them and said they couldn't multiply or divide. Kind of gives you an idea about the supposedly stringent academic standards at South Carolina. Kudos to Auburn through. As far as I know, they have never claimed to be a bastion of academia. Our most famous alum is probably Dez Williams and my mom taught him in gifted classes in middle school.

Snellville and Lilburn...forget your Greenes, Pollacks, Kings, and Currans. Dacula represents with the glory of the math challenged Auburn Tigers!

Anonymous said...

Having grown up in Stone Mountain and seen those big ol Gwinnett County schools, I can see why Caleb would have wanted to transfer from the "Big Orange Jungle" of Parkview. Parkview fans are a lot like Florida Gator fans and Nebraska Cornhusker fans rolled up into one. Pretty intollerable to be around due to the over abundance of jean shorts being worn around Lilburn (that's the Florida in them), as for the Nebraska in them, well they use to be relevent back in the day, but have fallen far and will never get back to where they once were (might need to get rid of that coach, IMO). Snellville can claim David Greene and David Pollack from South Gwinnett and Shiloh, respectively. Snellville area football is more of the working mans brand of football, although it looks like most of the talent now in the county has switched to North Gwinnett. Tucker High School would beat all of them anyway, so not sure why I even brought this rambling topic up. Mr. Anonymous, please no nit-picking.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know of any bars or restaurants in downtown Athens that will be showing the UGA-GSU game? My last experience with a PPV game was that the bars and restaurants in Athens don't show them. That includes ga. theater.

Can anyone help? Any suggestions are much appreciated.

Mike said...

The Theatre is advertising in the local publications that they got it on the big screen for free.

Also the Harris St. Loco's (up the hill on Baxter) will have it.