Saturday, August 2, 2008

Countdown to UGA-GSU: 28 Days

#28 Israel Troupe, WR
6-1. 205, Tifton GA (Tift County HS), RS Freshman
Troupe was a top receiver prospect in the 2007 signing class, choosing the Dawgs over powerhouses like Ohio State and Florida, as well as Clemson, South Carolina and Georgia Tech. There was a good bit of speculation that he'd spurn the idea of college football in favor of pro baseball, given that he was a standout at Tift County. He was drafted in the 31st round of the MLB draft that year, but decided to stick with football. After toying with the idea of playing both sports at UGA, he's apparently decided on football full time. His speed (4.4) and athleticism make you take notice, but he needs to gather some game experience before he's ready to truly contribute.
Depth Chart Analysis: Troupe is in the 2nd tier of receivers that should see limited time this season. You have the proven commodity in Massaquoi, the solid experience in Durham, Wilson, Goodman and Harris, and the freshmen that are expected to shine in Green and King. The group that Troupe is a part of includes Moore and Hill. At least one member of the latter group will likely step up and surprise this season.

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Rob Suggs said...

Troupe is the kind of hidden gem who is going to make a huge play somewhere and cause our rivals (who say we have no receivers) to say, "Where do these guys come from???"

Been looking forward to seeing him play for a long time.