Monday, August 11, 2008

Countdown to UGA-GSU: 19 Days

#19 Sanders Commings, DB
6-2, 195, Augusta GA (Westside HS), True Freshman
Commings was considered a marginal prospect coming from the CSRA, most likely because he was a strong high school baseball player. Most schools knew that he was considering playing pro baseball straight out of high school, depending on where he would ultimately be drafted. After being picked surprisingly lower than expected (pick # 1128 by the Arizona Diamondbacks), Commings decided to stick with football, although it is also expected that he will suit up for David Perno's Diamond Dawgs as well. A big body with good speed (4.5), Commings had been projected as a safety in college, although he certainly has the speed and athletic ability to be a big cornerback, which Coach Willie Martinez would love to see.
Depth Chart Analysis: Commings found himself in the spotlight during week 1 of fall practice. With injuries occurring at both safety and cornerback, he's been cross-training at strong safety and at the nickel cornerback position. He's an interesting talent that gives Martinez alot of options. If he picks things up quickly over the next 2 weeks, I expect we'll see him on the field quite a bit for the first 2 games of the season. How he performs on that stage will tell us how much we'll see him in for the bigger games later in the year. Keep your eye on this kid from August 30th on.


Bop said...

I know a lot of Dawg fans will call this blasphemy, but I hope he plays some baseball while in Athens too. I like that Perno and Richt are telling kids they can play both if they want.

Sanders would be a huge coup for Perno if he plays any at Foley. He is a big time outfield prospect and could be a difference maker, even if its part time. Hit over .520 with 15 hr's his senior year. Perno having his speed on the bases would be fun to watch.

That being said, hopefully he becomes a Sean Jones type between the hedges.

Sports Dawg said...

From all indications, it sounds like the coaches are planning on playing more true freshmen than they have in recent years, which i believe has averaged 5 to 7. Is taht the way you guys are seeing this?

JJ said...

Sports Dawg, I could see as many as 10 true freshman seeing the field this year:

Samuel - worked out with the 1's in the scrimmage today (ahead of Caleb) with Knowshon still in the green jersey.

AJ Green - of course

T. King - if he can get healthy

Ben Jones - might be starting center from game 1

Cordy Glenn - mighty impressive so far and also worked with the 1's in the scrimmage today

Boykin - rumored to be as impressive and game-ready as any true freshman on the squad right now

Commings - as mentioned today, cross training at both nickel and SS, sounds to me like CWM is getting him ready to go early

Rambo - with injury to Banks will probably be pushed into action early

Blair Walsh - probable starting place kicker

Carlton Thomas - maybe as kick returner

I'm not even mentioning guys like Cornelius Washington and Deangelo Tyson that might be too good to keep off the field, although we have alot of depth at the positions they play. It is going to be interesting.