Friday, August 29, 2008

Countdown to UGA-GSU: 1 Day

Well, the season is upon us once again, this one (at least on paper) brings more expectation than any I can remember. I was 7 years old when the Dawgs' kicked off a season that had anywhere near as much promise as this one will, the 1982 campaign when the Dawgs won the opener over the defending National Champion Clemson Tigers. Since I can barely remember what I felt like last week, hard to say what I remember about 26 years ago. The schedule is tough, but we have the most deep talent we've ever seen in Athens. If you had to pick a roster to withstand a tough schedule, this is the one I'd want. These are the coaches I'd want. Really couldn't ask for more.

I've enjoyed writing the countdown this season, with alot of help from other folks along the way (Bop, Bear, Worm and Otto.) I know it hasn't always been 100% accurate or well-written (at least when I've been the one doing it), and thankfully there have been a few loyal readers that made sure to point that out to me. There was a time in my life when I was much better at doing these. Then you start getting old and responsibilities come up, and your priorities get thrown all out of whack. But that's life. (That's a joke if my wife happens to be reading.)

In any case, hope you enjoyed it, and maybe by some odd chance I threw out a nugget about a player that gave you some insight you wouldn't have otherwise had. I look forward to doing it again leading up to the 2009 season.

#1 Mohamed Massaquoi, FL
6-2, 200, Charlotte NC (Independence HS), Sr.
Massaquoi followed high school teammate Joe Cox to UGA, choosing the Dawgs over Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina and NC State. He was considered one of the top high school prospects that year, compiling over 3,400 yards and 55 touchdowns in his final 2 years at Independence.
His first season at UGA was very good for a true freshman, with 38 receptions for 585 yards and 2 touchdowns, including 6-108-1 in the classic against Auburn. He suffered through a true sophomore slump the following year. production waned and he had a nasty case of the drops, although no one will forget the regular season finale against Georgia Tech, where he caught the winning touchdown and the ensuing 2 point conversion from Stafford. He really got back on form at the end of last season, with big touchdown receptions against Florida and Auburn, and he was also the team's leading receiver against Georgia Tech and in the Sugar Bowl vs Hawaii. He looks poised for an outstanding senior season, and has been named preseason All-SEC (mostly 2nd team) by most publications.
Depth Chart Analysis: Mohamed is one of the senior leaders on the team (even if it isn't vocally), and the firm starter at flanker ahead of true freshman A.J. Green, who Massaquoi has also been a mentor to. The dropsies from 2006 are long behind him. He was one of the best in the weight room this offseason, and really appears determined to make his senior year a good one, not only for himself and his future, but for the Dawgs to realize their own high expectations. #1 has been a great Dawg in his career in Athens. Expect a huge senior season.


Worm said...

Great stuff JJ. Thanks.

Otto said...

you are the man jj. the countdown has been great and now we only have to lay our noggins on the pillow one more time!!!


Hunker Down said...

I have been impressed by how hard he has worked on getting better both as a receiver and a blocker. He came up huge on some downfield blocks last year and with the hard work in the weight room this summer, he should only do better.

He has led the receiving corps by his solid example of both hard work and citizenship. He is an outstanding young man. I hope he has a phenomenal senior season.


BayouDawg said...

Thanks JJ for all the hard work this season. This was a great format. As for MM not being vocal, reports from camp are coming in that this year he has been much more vocal (although he could only go in this direction). Should be interesting.

Side note: anyone heard about dj's fate?

Bear said...

Thanks JJ for the opportunity for me to provide a little help along the way. Enjoyed the countdown and look forward to more from C&C.

Anonymous said...

This has been a lot of fun to read the last couple of months. Nice job.

MoMass is going to go off this year. That TD against Florida was my favorite.

Ally said...

Y'all did an amazing job with the preview. I didn't miss a day and looked forward to reading it every morning.

Many thanks! Go Dawgs!

Bop said...

Ally...Thanks for always visiting and bringing such good discussion on a weekly basis. It's much appreciated.