Thursday, August 21, 2008

Athens band Dead Confederate (and many others) in Rolling Stone

I'm proud to report that my long time buddies Dead Confederate are featured in the September issue of Rolling Stone magazine as one of the "Six Artists to Watch who are defining Rock and Roll in 2008". The boys put together a little video last Wednesday night during Popfest and submitted it to, and sure enough they included it in the online issue. The video was shot by my old high school friend Jason Jacobson (owner of Athens' Fossil Lip Productions) and hosted by the one and only J.J. Bower of the local band Blue Flashing Light. I think it sheds a pretty good light on the ol' Athens music scene and features cameos from many different Athens bands, including Andy from The Dumps, Matt and Aimee from Twin Tigers, Hunter, Brandon and I from our band Gift Horse, Hank from Kuroma, and Ben and Tim from Dark Meat. There's also an unedited version that will be up soon (hopefully) on the Rebel Forces page. Things have really been steam rolling for them, and after years of hard work they are releasing their first major label full length EP, Wrecking Ball on TAO. They were recently signed to the label by Gary Gersh-an ex David Geffen Co. dude who also signed Nirvana and Sonic Youth among others. Watch the video and check em out.

If you are in the Atlanta area tomorrow (Friday, August 22) you can see what all of the fuss is about for yourself by coming to:

Dead Confederate, Gift Horse, Kuroma, Balkans. The Drunken Unicorn. 9 p.m. $7. 18+.

or if you are in the Athens area on Friday September 19th:

Dead Confederate, Gift Horse, Twin Tigers, Kuroma. The 40 Watt. 9 p.m. $FREE! ($2 under 21). (Official concert release of Wrecking Ball).

This 40 Watt invitation is, of course, intended for those of you who will not be spending the weekend in Tempe. If you qualify, wake up on the 20th with a slight hangover and enjoy watching the Dawgs take on Arizona St. on the Georgia Theatre's big screen. Sounds like fun.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the music tip. One of the things I miss about Athens is the music scene. I'll check these guys out.

Bop said...

This is well deserved exposure for all of y'all M. Congrats. Good video.

JJ said...

I'll see you at the 40 Watt on the 19th. Maybe we can get Andy up to celebrate his birthday.

Anonymous said...

Its a shame I will be in the UK that week, cause I hate to miss this show. Also, the Whigs are coming back to the 40 Watt that week, too.

Nice post, I look forward to hearing DC in the next few months.