Friday, August 22, 2008

AJ Green Video

I know, I know...most everyone has seen this highlight video of AJ Green. Have you seen it today though? Been about a year since I watched it. Figured it needed to get posted to go with today's countdown on AJ (great read btw)....8 days!!!

courtesy jschwitzke89


BayouDawg said...

Couple of notes to this video

1) he obviously can catch a ball that is thrown behind him

2) he has no hesitation to cut back to the inside and go on the proper side of blocks. all too often high school kids that are much faster than everyone else will just bounce to the outside until the outrun their opposition....not ole numero ocho.

3) can handle the tunnel screen....which we all know is a key for any great uga wr

thanks for the video post

JJ said...

I was just about to comment that the most impressive thing I notice from this video is his ability to adjust in mid-air to catch a ball that doesn't hit him in the numbers. We haven't seen that in Athens in a while.

Amanda said...

This guy looks like he could be pretty good in college if he tried...but he looks too slow for the NFL... Maybe he could play for a crappy team like the bengals..Checkout Amanda