Monday, August 4, 2008

An AJ Green fix

The catch...because it just doesn't get old and it makes me smile:

(courtesy jschwitzke89)

Well here is a good read on Green's first day of practice in Athens. Some Q&A and a tad bit of video. From Sanford Knows Best....AJ Green: Day 1 in Athens.

With Green and Tavarres King, I have a feeling the ole "Georgia just never has any bigtime WR's" comments from our rivals is gonna end. Soon.


Anonymous said...

Bop: Green is one of the players I am looking forward to seeing the most this season. That probably goes without saying.

Have y'all had your baby yet? Shoot me an email (in the "about" section on my blog). God bless.

Bop said...

Yes!...and all is well. Check your email.

Sports Dawg said...

I like that comment by Durham:
"Coach, A.J. has got the gear!"