Sunday, July 20, 2008

Coaching excellence

After reading up on all the d-ends and d-linemen that JJ has covered so thoroughly, I wanted to give a little recognition to two of the most underrated coaches in America.

Great man, great coach.

Marcus Howard, David Pollack, Q Moses, Junior Geathers, Richard Seymour, David Jacobs, Jonathan Sullivan, Charles Grant, Marcus Stroud and Kedric Golston are just some of the players that have developed their craft under the guidance of these two men.


Georgia has been a dominant school on the recruiting trails year in and year out since Garner has been in Athens. Georgia has been a premier special teams team since Fabris has been in Athens. That everyone knows. What isn't said enough is the quality of play and the development of talent across the entire defensive line under the leadership of these two great coaches.


JJ said...

I am biased, but it is hard to imagine a better group of coaches than the group CMR has assembled. The right mix of personalities and coaching talent.

Bear said...

I don't think anyone who knows Georgia football takes these two for granted, at least I hope not. Coach Fab spoke at the Greenville Bulldog Club, really the last respectable guest we've had speak there, and I was very impressed with him. The play on the field from the positions they coach have really led to UGA success. WHere's the Van Gorder shoutout?