Thursday, July 10, 2008

Top 5 Worst TV/ Radio Personalities

Here are the top 5 most annoying sports tv/ radio people on the air:

5. John Kincade- 680 The Fan- Atlanta. A real "know-it-all" from Philly. Never wrong and for some reason still has a job in Atlanta, but hates Atlanta. I guess a few more years of tossing Colin Cowherd and he will have a full-time job with ESPN.

4. Joe Morgan- ESPN Monday Night Baseball. We know Joe, you would have done it better. And if Barry was white, he would be guilty of roids.

3. Chris Berman- ESPN. Your jokes are not funny and "back, back, back" is old and never was funny! Please stop. Yes, we know you went to Brown University and you are smarter than everybody. And don't be afraid to disagree with one of the other analyst, they will still be your friend afterward.

2. Johnny Miller- NBC Golf. Talk about a perfect golfer. Apparently John Boy never made a mistake during his playing days. Without a doubt the most "I'm better than you" attitude I have ever heard. And please stop kissing Tiger Woods butt hole.

1. Jim Rome- ESPN Rome is Burning. The reason he is #1 is because he still uses words like "smack" and "totally". I mean really, what kind of dirt does he have on the bosses and ESPN. His show is rediculous. Loose the gotee or at least stop putting just for men on it. They look go on some people, not you. Anyone that uses "I'm out" as there sign off has got to be #1 on this list.


VOLSFAN72 said...

Good list...however, I would have to say that Tim McCarver has to appear somewhere in there. He is by far the worst announcer that I have ever listened to during a baseball game. He is the most biased know-it-all that I can think of.

JJ said...

Not sure if she qualifies for this list or not, but Erin Andrews has to be on there somewhere. She is absolutely deplorable if the camera isn't on her, and quite frankly I could do without her altogether.

Also, I have to say that I might be the only golf fan in existence that actually enjoys Johnny Miller.

JJ said...

By the way, Kincade is way up the list for me. Usually when somebody is that bad it draws me to listen to them, but I cannot turn the channel fast enough when I hear his voice.

Anonymous said...

good list, but McCarver is a glaring omission.

I too, enjoy Johnny Miller.

I would add Joe Buck, Hubie Brown, Wes Durham and BILLY PACKER.

God, i hate Billy Packer.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I hate to say it, but i cant watch the CSS replays anymore because Buck Belue is so horrible.

Fortunately i have been able to seperate the '1980 Hero Buck Belue' from this terrible radio / bottom tier color guy persona.

BayouDawg said...

Erin Andrews' comment on Pollock instead of pollack did it for me, and being the golfer that I am, I would put ole johnny miller and curtis strange in the same boat, shoot a hole in the bottom of it and watch it sink with a smile on my face while both of them try and convince the other that he is better than the other. Steven A would also be on that boat but for different reasons.

Anonymous said...

Good list -- I actually played golf with Kincaide in his charity scramble - I rode in the cart for 5 hours with that Yankee.

Here is what I learned.

He doesn't really hate the Dawgs, he and buck are great friends and most of it is an act.

He told me most people think he is a total Dickhead until they meet him. He is a talker and that philly accent can get on your nerves but he a nice guy in real life.

I have not seen a more terrible golfer --

I do have his personal email and cell # if you want to harrass him.

Mike said...

Couldn't agree more about Johnny Miller, also heard Cowherd & Erin Andrews say to one another that "every college baseball fan wants Fresno St. to win the CWS" after game one, that pissed me off...have to say that I have truly grown to dislike Colin Cowherd. Van Pelt is wearing on my nerves lately too with all his "not buying into the whole Georgia football" thing. I think I have the potential to dislike any radio personality. Good list though...

Millhouse said...

Joe Hamilton, hands down. The dude can't even speak.

Worm said...

Yeah, I hear ya about McCarver. I actually had him on the original list but went with Kincade instead. The thing about Kincade is when he argues with callers he never lets them get there entire point across. Bugs me to no end.

JJ said...

I agree on Colin Cowherd, Mike. Most people I talk to love the guy but he absolutely grates on my last nerve. His constant analogies (example: "Maryland football is like the guy that can't get a date to his high school prom" - WTF are you talking about dude?) are getting really old. I'm also not sure he could walk and chew gum at the same time...which is another big problem I have with Kincaid.

Bear said...

I think if we had to listen to Mike Patrick everyday he would be on this list. I don't get how he still has a job.

Anonymous said...

"and most of it is an act."

wow. Congratulations! You just figured out talk radio!


Cowherd is awesome. He loves Georgia football and the SEC. You guys are crazy. And, honestly, if you dont think EVERYONE other than dawg fans were cheering for Fresno St, you're in lala land.

Kincaid is AWFUL, but Buck is more annoying, imo.

VOLSFAN72 said...
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JJ said...

Like I said, I'm in the minority on Cowherd. I realize that. I still don't care much for him.

Whether or not an announcer loves UGA and the SEC is not a prerequisite for whether or not I like listening to him. It makes him more bearable to listen to, but it won't make me like the guy any more or less.

While we're on the subject of UGA-haters, you can add Herbstreit to my list. I didn't care for him back when he kissed UGA's ass every week, and that was before the Ohio State fiascos of the last 2 BCS title games. For a guy that played college quarterback and now makes 7 figures working for ESPN, the lack of football knowledge he displays on a weekly basis is staggering.

VOLSFAN72 said...

No way would I have even thought about cheering for Fresno St...and I assure you I am no where near a Dawgs fan!!!!
By the way...what about Don Sutton...he was brutal as the Braves announcer for years...but not near as brutal as listening to the Lemmer...he is horrid!!

Anonymous said...


If your going to misrepresent my email and try to take a shot at me - then at least don't hide behind that Anonymous title --- put your name on your post.

We all know that talk radio is an act to get you to tune in. I never said that was big news.

Next time you want to "quote" me and try to dish on me (which I welcome by the way) Please come up with something a little better then that.

Doc Gooden said...

"We all know that talk radio is an act to get you to tune in. "

Ok, then why did you start off with this?

"Here is what I learned."

Otto said...

Good list. I have to say that Bill Walton would be #1 on my list. I would rather eat a dirt hoogie than listen to that guy. I know Steven A. Smith is not big enough to mention but he is about as cool as herpes.

Worm said...

How did I forget Bill Walton.

Bop said...

My list would be:

1. Chris Berman (extreme Hatred)
2. Dick Vitale (see Berman)
3. Tim McCarver (love me some Deion)
4. Erin Andrews (whore)
5. Steven A. Smith (stfu)

I don't listen to Atlanta radio so I'm not affected by Kincaide and Belue. I've also wondered how that Matt Stewart has a job with CSS though.

Norman Chad once said that if you asked McCarver what time it was, he would tell you how a watch works.

Dash said...

Billy Packer - worst ever. Finally got canned after his rediculous "this game is over" with 30 minutes to play during the final 4.

Dash said...

Ok heres my list -

5. Tim McCarver
4. Jim Nantz or Stephen A. Smith
3. Thom Brennaman
2. Mike Patrick
1. Billy Packer

Also - If you h8 Erin Andrews I dont know what is wrong with you. They are going to put attractive sideline reporters on the air, and 95% of the time, AE does a good job, so we shouldn't complain. She doesnt even usually dress provacatively - the CWS sundresses were the most clevage I have ever seen from her, so the slut comments seem out of line... Unless you were simply referring to her UF grad status, in which case, I whole-heartedly agree. What a whorebag.

As for Bill Walton... he is probably in my top 3 with Sir Charles bc hes GD hilarious. If you can read between the lines and realize that Walton is joking 80% of the time you will enjoy it a lot more. Or just think of him as a big dumb idiot, that's how I started.

Bop said...

Dash...gonna try looking at Walton that way next time he's on. And I really should have Mike Patrick in there. He is so f'n bad. Just remembered that he was the one with the Britney comment during the UGA/Bama game. Not to mention BUTCHERING the CWS.