Friday, July 18, 2008

Top 5 Active Sports Analysts or Announcers

Last week I did the worst, so here is the best. Here are the top 5 current analysts or announcers as I see it.

5. Jim Nantz- Great style, professional and doesn't try too hard to be clever. Love when he does golf commentary.

4. Chris Mortensen- If Mort says it, I believe it. The voice of insight in NFL football and does some local stuff, "Mort Report" on 680 the Fan.

3. Peter Gammons- So glad to have him back from illness. Same as Mort but for baseball. When he talks about baseball, I can hear how much he loves this game and he bring an endless amount of stats and understanding to his opinions.

2. Charles Barkley- So what if he is an addicted gamler, so am I. I love the "off the cuff" stuff that he does and the fact that he doesn't think before he speaks makes him the most entertaining guy on the list.

1. Larry Munson- UGA football will not be the same when he's gone. I love how he just tells us his excitement and exagerates the play by play, but I was feel the same way. Anytime you turn the volume off on your TV so you can listen to him on the radio and the game play by play is about 3 seconds different than what you are watching on TV and you actually put up with it, tells me he is a legend and the best of all time. Click on his name and enjoy.


Bop said...

This is a pretty solid list. Somehow I would squeeze John Kruk on here though. If ESPN was remotely competent, they would have him doing the CWS. Too bad Harold "the hug was misinterpreted" Reynold's and Kruk aren't the Omaha team.

Darryl Strawberry said...

very meh list.

No GUS JOHNSON (best college basketball announcer out there)!, no Greg Gumble, no DICK ENBERG!, no VERN, no Ron Franklin!

Ally said...

Charles Barkley? Does he even speak english?

I would've included Uncle Verne and Skip Caray on the list though, for sure.

But, I'm not exactly objective either.

JJ said...

First off, what does "meh" mean? It isn't a part of my vocabulary (or any other person who hails south of Virginia that I know of), yet it has appeared in the comments section on this blog more than once. I move that we ban that term from any use heretofore.

Verne and Ron Franklin are more recognizable for their "dulcet tone of voice" as opposed to anything they really bring to the table. If that is a part of the criteria here (and I assume it is since Jim Nantz is on the list), then I agree they are part of the discussion.

Likewise, if you aren't a UGA fan, you leave a radio broadcast with Larry Munson wondering what sport he was just trying to describe. There are transplanted Yankees that I work with who would rather listen to Erin Andrews talk politics than listen to Munson call any football game. Of course that is the same thing that makes him a legend to us.

Bear said...

I personally think Bob Roll deserves to be in the top 5. Nobody on this list knows who Bobke is I would bet. That guy is awesome. I also like Al Trautwig. Joe Garagiola and Vin Scully are my favorite baseball announcers ever, maybe Bob Costas, but that's when I was a kid and baseball was good. Dick Enberg is very good for those recap, bring a tear to your eye, montage sequences at the end of Wimbledon.