Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tex is Gone!

Tex traded to Angels for Kotchman and prospect

Thank you! This is a great move by the braves for 2 reasons. One, we are not making the playoffs and will not be able to resign Teixeira at the end of the season. Which leads me to the second reason. It seems to me that Tex is a selfish money hungry SOB that has no loyalty to anyone but himself. You know, one of those guys that is just better than you. The fact is we are a losing club with him and as someone said he is not a difference maker. I for one am glad he is gone. This photo says it all. Why would you wear that shirt?


Mackalicious said...

I liked Tex alright, but bottom line is he is a big name player looking for big name bucks. The Braves are at their best when they work the farm system to their benefit. Just like stocks, buy low-sell high.

Smell ya' later NERD! Looks like someone else will have to deal with slow starts next year!

Mackalicious said...

Correction to my last comment,

Looks like someone else will have to watch you adjust your cup next year.

...there, much better.

Anonymous said...

good riddance NERD!

Bop said...

Tex was a GREAT college player, one of the best I ever saw, and is a very good defensive player who put up solid numbers from the plate.

The problem imo was he just wasn't clutch. Every time he got a big hit, I found myself saying "finally" instead of expecting it like I do from someone like Chipper or McCann.

I know the Braves have been decimated by injuries, but the Braves have lost a MLB all time record 25 straight road 1-run games. I can't help but blame our cleanup hitter for a lot of that. Maybe he's just a scapegoat, but dang 25 straight. Chipper is on base 40% of the time in front of you...that streak should not have lasted that long.