Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Countdown to UGA-GSU: 59 Days

#59 Michael Lemon, DE
6-4, 274, Lizella GA (Stratford Academy), RS Freshman
After a stellar high school career left him as one of the Top 20 players in the state of Georgia, Lemon chose the in-state Dawgs over LSU and South Carolina, among others. He redshirted in his first season in Athens, and appeared in 7 games in 2007, recording 6 tackles and 4 quarterback hurries. He had a fantastic G-Day a few months ago, recording 5 tackles and leaving spring practice with the "Most Improved Defensive End" award. He's expected to play this season and provide depth, but his recent legal woes may slow his progress. The story of the death of his mother during the 2007 season got a good bit of national attention, and the NCAA granted an exception to allow contributions to a fund to help Lemon's family.
Depth Chart Analysis: Coming out of spring, he was listed as a #3 end backing up Jeremy Lomax (who has found his own legal problems) and Jarius Wynn. Not to harp on those legal issues, but between Lomax and Lemon, it may have a significant effect on this position. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Wynn (previously listed as a #2 DE) end up as the starter all season. He and Lomax were neck and neck for the #1 slot anyway. Depending on what happens with Lemon, he could find himself now battling for any meaningful playing time for '08. Let's hope the reports are all false.


Waldrup said...

Perfect timing on this one.

BayouDawg said...

reports are not false. felony arrest warrant has been officially filed...this kid is toast. he blew out some kid's left eye socket. i just don't understand how/why these people (pro and college athletes) can't figure out that yes they are different, yes they are held to a different standard...and unfortunately for them it is more strict and harder because you can't fly under the radar. dumb asses

Bear said...

while I generally agree with your sentiments I disagree that the kid is toast and I don't think they are necessarily dumbasses. A felony warrant has been issued but that doesn't make the allegations true and it doesn't mean he's guilty of a felony. I'm sure you know this but I just point out that just because you're arrested on a warrant doesn't make one guilty of that offense. Having personally prosecuted and defended thousands of individuals there is a lot of water that has to pass under this bridge before it is complete. Ed Tolley is a great lawyer so let him work some magic. Now, Coach Richt may preempt the judicial process and kick him off the team before the process is complete, that's his perogative. I personally am a "wait and see" on criminal charges. A lot can happen, trust me.

BayouDawg said...

Ed Tolley didn't do shit for me except take an exorborant amount of money to end up having me chill for 22 hrs with ACC's finest in pod C....Toast

Bear said...

If you need a lawyer, get one who knows the law. If your lawyer doesn't know the law, make sure he knows the judge. I hear ya on the large fee. Reputation allows him to charge what he does, but I would imagine there are plenty of other less expensive lawyers who could get the same results that he does or even better.

JJ said...

Lemon suspended indefinitely pending outcome, as announced today by UGA (as expected.)

On a lighter note, Jeremy Lomax has been fully exonerated on the concealed weapons charge.

Anonymous said...

Eh, who cares.

Today's countdown, #58 DeMarcus Dobbs, is going to be dominant this year.

Look for huge things out of this kid.

Lemon...we dont need him.

Worm said...

Officially Gone!