Friday, July 18, 2008

Countdown to UGA-GSU: 44 Days

#44 Marcus Washington, LB
6-0, 250, Keysville GA (Burke County HS), Sr.
Washington committed to the Dawgs way back in May of 2004 as the first commitment of the 2005 signing class. He played in every game as a true freshman, tallying 11 tackles. In 2006 he played significant minutes on the field before suffering a knee injury toward the end of the season, which kept him out of the Peach Bowl. Last year he started 6 games, still battling injuries throughout the season. His best game (without a doubt) at UGA was at Alabama, where he logged 8 tackles before having to leave the game just before the overtime period. Marcus is a true warrior on the field and a tackling machine, but injuries have been his downfall to this point.
Depth Chart Analysis: Marcus will also sit out the entire 2008 season after having shoulder surgery in late March. Before the injury, he was probably pegged to start, or at least challenge for a starting spot. Thankfully, he does get a redshirt and is expected to be around for 2009.


Bop said...

I really like Washington. He's cut from the same cloth as Tony Gilbert. Hardnosed, tough football player. The type of player that can impose his will on another team. Our defense was always better when he was on the field. He will be a huge addition to the team next season.

Anonymous said...

he might be back by midseason.

get your facts straight. This blog is a joke.

Dawgbone should stop linking it.

JJ said...

Sorry chief, you are flat-out wrong. All the conjecture you're referring to was from Chip's AJC blog a couple of weeks ago. He corrected himself the following day. Washington will be able to practice in October, but he will be redshirting in '08 and will play out his final year of eligibility in '09. That is a FACT.

Read all the way down the page:

If you don't like the blog, take your anonymous ass somewhere else.

Bop said...

anonymous @ 3:20...
Sorry guy, but you are a dick. Could I just delete your trash since you lack any class...sure. But I'm not going to. I like different opinions, even from those that post anonymously and bring nothing relevant to the table.

"This blog is a joke" your own damn blog then. Let me know what it's called and I'll link it on here.

"get your facts straight"... lol ...until someone links anything other than what is out there Marcus ain't playing in '08. I believe I'll take Claude Felton's word (see below) for what will probably happen to Marcus this season. If you have other news feel free to link it.

Also anonymous @3:20 feel free to quit clicking on the C&C links when you are at's not us that is linking some of our posts to their site. They think Dawg fans would like some of C&C's content, and I for one am honored that they do. This countdown is done for the enjoyment of a lot of Dawgs out there to get them prepared for the season by catching them up on the backgrounds of 99 players on the roster...this countdown is not done for "that guy" that everyone knows one of that thinks he knows more than everyone else and is uncomfortable to be around in a social setting. Sorry you haven't developed quality social skills. Really, I am.

These are the links and the known facts as of 4:31pm July 18, 2008:

(The following is from above link)
"By Chip Towers

July 10, 2008 4:29 PM | Link to this

Update from Butts-Mehre:

A qualifier on Marcus Washington. According to Claude Felton, who spoke to the training staff, Washington is definitely not going to play this season. Going to redshirt. I asked Washington on Tuesday in a passing conversation when he was going to come back and he clearly said “October” but he probably meant that’s when he’s going to return to the practice field. Sorry for any confusion."

Anyhow anonymous @3:20...thanks for reading and stay classy.

To everyone else...sorry if I'm offending anyone. We do appreciate how many people have come here and makes it fun and is what has gotten us to keep doing this even when we just started for fun. If you have any questions or comments or ideas feel free to email me at


Anonymous said...

I for one enjoy this to no end and look forward to it every single day. Thank you and Go Dawgs!

Jim W.

JJ said...

Thanks Jim W. Its the readers like you that I feel bad for having to read all this back and forth from the "haters" as Bop likes to refer to them (although I really think it is just one guy.)

Also, sorry for the lateness of the Day 44 entry.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous sounds like a front runner to me. He is probably a UGA fan because of Hershel Walker and I'm sure he is a Tim Tebow and Florida fan as well. The Fact is buddy this site Does Work Son and it is custom made, so learn to love it cause diamonds are forever and so is catfish and cornbread! P.s. Anonymous no bitchassness! Hoffa

Anonymous said...

First, anybody can hide behind an anonymous comment (Even if you have to use anonymous because you don't have an account, you can still sign your name a la Jim W).

Secondly, I love this blog for the unique way it's getting us Dawg fans ready for the season. If you don't like it, don't come. Easy as that.

Lastly, I don't expect them to get everything 100% right all the time (not that a mistake was made in this case!). How are you doing in that arena Mr. Anonymous - you keeping all your facts straight.

jj & crew: no apologies necessary...keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Get your facts straight doesn't quite have his facts straight.

Catfish and Cornbread is part of my balanced daily nutrition. Keep up the good work. My new favorite blog.

And if you are reading Marcus, cannot wait to see you return between the hedges.

-Pete from Atlanta.

Bear said...

JJ, I know this guy anonymous @ 3:20 bugs you but you're not going to please everybody all the time. If you did, this would be a very boring blog.

With that said, nobody who contributes to this site is a professional writer or blogger. We each have our own temperaments and talents to this little blog here. In fact, several contributors I know have very time consuming jobs and tremendous family obligations, yet they find the time to write and in the process try and entertain a few people. I can only speak for me, but I think I speak for other contributors, we do it for fun and a hobby.

I have been reading JJ's countdown for probably 8 to 10 years now, I can't really remember, but it's been a long time. I'm excited that he's finally brought it to the internet for others to enjoy and I think plenty of people who read this site will agree.

Now, anonymous @ 3:20 I join with the others and say good riddance to you.

Ally said...

I just found your blog recently from PWD and love the daily countdown. Thanks for all you do & keep up the good work!

Go Dawgs!

Ally said...

Oh, and I was raised on Lewis Grizzard and am still today a huge fan. Awesome tribute for a blog title.

tom said...

Agreed, if you don't like this blog take your Gator butt elsewhere.