Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Countdown to UGA-GSU: 38 Days

#38 Marcus Dowtin, LB
6-2, 220, Upper Marlboro MD (via Fork Union Military Academy), True Freshman

Dowtin was a much-traveled high school player, beginning his career at Bishop McNamara in MD, transferring to Georgetown Prep School as a junior, and then onto Fork Union Military for his senior season. Along the way he was dominant on both sides of the ball as a LB and RB. Various recruiting services ranked Dowtin as one of the top LB prospects in America last year, and one of the state of Virginia's top players. He chose UGA over a list of impressive schools, including in-state Virginia and Virginia Tech, as well as Michigan, Clemson, Maryland, West Virginia, and Cal. An impressive combination of size and speed (4.4) has alot of Dawg fans excited about Marcus, and many expect to see him playing in Sanford this coming season.
Depth Chart Analysis: Dowtin survived a shaky qualifying process. As of June 1st, he found out he'd have to join the team later in the summer than he originally wanted, due to some questions about transcripts from his high schools previous to Fork Union. Four weeks later he got confirmation that everything was OK, and that he'd be joining the team on schedule July 1st, which he did. Now it is full speed ahead, and John Jancek gets plenty of time to evaluate Dowtin's chances of playing this fall. He's currently listed at Sam LB behind Akeem Dent and Darius Dewberry, although it is very possible that he could move around if the coaches want to see him playing early. Special teams are also an option. Regardless, it looks like a strong possibility that Dowtin is going to be very good one day soon, if not this year. Richt apparently expressed to Dowtin that he expects him to have every chance to play as a true freshman.


BayouDawg said...

Found an article on on the SEC coaches conference.

Some interesting reading points:

1 - As much as I hate Les Miles, he had a pretty damn good dig on Sweet Cry Baby Jesus Saban in LSU's last booster club showing.
Yes, this is coming from a former LSU fan who grew up purple and gold until the fall of 95'. He is as classless as some of the drunks down there that go to the game, and of course, did not graduate from there...again this is coming from someone who used to LOVE LSU football until this jackass came into town, second to the DAWGS since 95'. Man I hate that yankee...go back to Michigan.

2) Percy Harvin might line up in the backfield this year, interesting yet stupid if their backfield is as deep as UM indicates

3) Laughed out loud a touch when there is a comment that Vandy - mania is spreading by way of ticket this season up from 1000 to 1001?!??!?

4) Most notably, there was very little mention of UGA except for our celebration at UGA/UF last year. I hate that we are being even thought of #1 or top 3 in the country. I would much rather be at 12 and sneak up during the season and have all the hype for 3 months rather than 10. I don't know if the leadership is there, I am not sure the emotional control is there on our team to ignore all this hype. Do I think we are that good....yes. Do I think we have a potentially great team...absolutely. Do we have a rediculous schedule...yes. Do we have a leader that isn't supremely cocky to keep us in check? Dunno. I, for one belive there is a fine line between cocky and confident, and usually its the confident ones that deliver. Lastly, there is so much hype on Tebow (granted he does hold the most coveted trophy in college football from an individual point of view), that it makes me smile. Hopefully this will not put as much pressure on #7 (who is much better than an average SEC QB, and will show as much this season...sorry Phillip) and he will out shine Tim "my face looks like Sean Jones hit me 23 times" Tebow.

Pretty good article and as everyone else...really getting fired up.

Bop said...

Couple of points:

Great countdown installment today JJ. Good read on another stud recruit that I seemed to have forgotten about.

Secondly...Nice comments bayoudawg. Love your points of view on anything LSU, especially when it comes to their present or former coaches.

Bop said...

I just added a video of Dowtin to the blog so make sure you check it out. Impressive looking kid.