Saturday, June 28, 2008

UGA VI Images

Black and White (Dan McLaughlin)

At his first game in 1999 with Charles Seiler (

As a young pup in 2000 (Kim Craft)

In 2007 (courtesy sioncampus)

With Cheerleader Christine Conley in 2006 (sioncampus)

Relaxing during '05 GDay Game (RedandBlack)

Before UK Kickoff in 2007 with Mimbs and Coutu (RedandBlack)

Auburn Blackout Game (Jim Hipple)

GDay 2007 (Wizard of Odds)

2007 with Hairy Dog (Lindy Dugger)

High Flyin' (Picsaweb)


The Ghost of Jay Cutler said...

Condolences. Seriously, UGA is one of the greatest mascots in America, if not the single greatest mascot. A classy icon of a classy program.

Big Russ said...

anyone know where I can purchase/download a larger/higher quality pic of UGA laying on the bag of ice?