Thursday, June 12, 2008

Top 5 Atlanta Braves of All Time

Here are the top 5 Atlanta Braves of all-time, as I see it.

5. Bob Horner- Had a 4 homer game and the best goldie locks in baseball history.

4. Andruw Jones- Without a doubt, the best defensive outfielder in the history of baseball. No debate. Click here to see his most recent play.

3. Dale Murphy- 2 time NL MVP ('82 & '83). Face of the franchise for at least a decade.

2. Larry "Chipper" Jones- Still adding up the stats. In 5 years he may be #1. The most underrated hitter in baseball, year in and year out. 1999 NL MVP, 400+ HR and .310 lifetime avg so far.

1. John Smoltz- Pitch him anywhere, he doesn't care. 200+ wins, 150+ saves, 3000+ K. Sure fire H.O.F. And without a doubt, the most dominating post season pitcher in baseball history period.


JJ said...

Good list Worm. Hard to argue with those 5, except maybe the order. Smoltz and Larry are definitely 1 and 2 in some order, and Murph has to be #3 doesn't he?

I think that in 8-10 years McCann might slide into that list.

Honorable mention goes to Senor Smoke Juan Berenger.

Anonymous said...

Wow. You are certainly a stats whore.


"Double Play Ball" Jones

Sports Dawg said...

At first glance I wasn't sure about your list, but after reading the reasons, I agree. I think one day when Chipper hangs 'em up, we're going to look back and realize we didn't appreciate that guy enough. Good post!

JJ said...

Anonymous (if that is your REAL name)....why don't you give us your list? Would love to hear who you'd put above Chipper, given that your gold standard is playoff performance, and considering the Atlanta Braves' vast playoff history before 1991.

If you want to argue Murphy ahead of Chipper, that's fine. I have no problem with it, Murph is my all-time favorite Brave. Of course, it would make no sense since Murphy only played in 1 very short playoff series in his career. Other than that, not sure what you can come up with, but I'm looking forward to hearing it.

Otto said...

anonymous must like Mark (Mr. October) Lemke and D. Justice. #1 and #2 all time braves ....right?

Bop said...

Smoltz is far and away #1. Biggest gamer in Georgia sports history. If the Coons had to go 80 yds to win a playoff game, I think I'd want him at qb.

Not a big Chipper fan. Smoltz is to "clutch" like Chipper is to "hooters". Everytime he hits a homer and gives the camera the ole "i love you" hand signal I want to puke. Hard to tell he grew up in North Fla. But the sumbitch can rake. As a player I'm more and more impressed every season. Very underrated as an all time hitter imo.

Interesting not seeing Hank on here.

Bear said...

I don't think there is any valid argument for any other player being #1. Smoltz is by far the best Atlanta Brave and I believe will be the first to go into the HOF as a Brave. Correct me if I'm wrong about that.

Anonymous said...

you are wrong Bear.

And you want my top 5?

5. Glavine
4. Niekro
3. Aaron
2. Murphy
1. Smoltz

Chipper, or as you 'cool' braves fans call him, Larry has had far more postseason opportunities than these guys and continues to FAIL every year.

JJ said...

Here are Chipper's all-time rankings in franchise history (not just Atlanta history, but Braves history):
-T7 in lifetime average
-2nd in on-base %
-2nd in slugging %
-3rd in games played
-3rd in runs scored
-2nd in hits
-3rd in total bases
-2nd in doubles
-3rd in home runs
-3rd in RBI

Oh and by the way, and his postseason numbers: .288 batting avg, .890 OPS.
Certainly lower than his career numbers, but not exactly ARod territory.

Dude, he's in the Top 5, sorry. Stats absolutely matter. Dale Murphy (my favorite all-time Brave) played in 3 postseason games in his career, so I am not quite sure what else you'd base his career on other than stats. I am not Chipper's biggest fan on Earth either, but let's take your hatred out of it for a minute. I don't know if you wife/girlfriend is a Hooters waitress or something, but you're not making much sense.

Bop said...

Ok here's my 5:

5. Murphy... Because of the Power Alley poster.

4. Andruw... Because I agree he's the all time greatest defensive outfielder.

3. Hank...if he played in Atlanta the whole time he'd be higher.

2. Chipper... or Larry if you are a 'cool' Braves fan.

1. Smoltz... Ultimate clutch athlete of his time.

Glavine is a really close to 5th imo.

Bear said...

I stand corrected. Hank Aaron and Phil Neikro both have the Atlanta Braves cap on their plaque. However, Hank obviously did not finish his career with the Braves and Neikro was re-signed to pitch 1 game for the Braves after spending several years with several other teams. Smoltz will retire having played his entire career with the Braves. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

Worm said...

Hey anonymous, of course you have Niekro and Glavine on your list. Did you know that Niekro never won a postseason game in his career? And Glavine sold out to the Mets. There's no room on my list for those guys.


The Stat Whore

VOLSFAN72 said...

Okay...good list Worm!!! However, if you have to follow anonymous' comment about when it matters then here is your all-time top 5 list---remember it is the postseason that matters to this guy!!!

5. Steve Avery
4. Greg Olsen (He caught the big 3 for many years!!!!)
3. Sid Bream-might have the greatest slide ever..RUN SID RUN!!
2. The Lemmer
1. Okay so Smoltzie takes the prize one else would be a close second...I would give him the ball in any game 7 if I had one pitcher to choose (of course not now that his shoulder is shot, but in his prime...the most competitive person I have ever met!!!)