Monday, June 9, 2008

"My name comes off the stadium"

Retiring Mississippi State baseball coach Ron Polk may be just a tad off his rocker (or maybe I'm just off my rocker), but never say the man doesn't have conviction:


Bop said...

The other crazy thing to me is that Raffo (Polk's choice) and Cohen (new head coach) were teammates together playing under Polk at MSU.

I would want the sure thing in Cohen if I was MSU fan. He made UK good and won a SEC title in '06 with UK. Imagine what he will do at his alma mater.

Lowdy (the resident Maroon expert) needs to fill us in.

lowdy said...

First, congratulations to the Red Dawgs. That's how we contrast the two here---Maroon Dawgs and Red Dawgs.

Second, I love the Ric Flair. Of the greatest champions ever, who would I like most to meet? Babe Ruth...Joe Montana...Micheal, no, and no. It'd be Ric Flair...woooooooooo!

lowdy said...

Now for some thoughts on the Polk situation. I think most folks are disappointed in how he reacted. His comments kinda' cast a cloud on an otherwise sunny day for Mississippi State. Polk even brought up his recommendation of Perno at Georgia and their subsequent success as evidence that he knows what he's talking about. He even called himslef the AD of baseball at State. The AD of all sports and Cohen both handled it well.

Polk's certainly not one to send mixed signals, but his comments were a bit much. In time he may soften his stance a bit. Plus, Cohen's part of the family and a fantastic hire. He apparently turned down a 10-year contract that would have placed him in the top five highest paid coaches in the country to come to State.

Asked about why he came back, Cohen replied "every great musician wants to play Carnegie Hall, and Dudy Noble Field is the Carnegie Hall of college baseball."

That quote's an instant classic.

Good luck to the Red Dawgs in Omaha.

Bop said...

Good stuff Lowdy...thanks. I really do think Cohen will win and win big in Starkvegas. In my opinion, he was a no brainer hire. Plus it screws UK and that always makes me happy.

Yeah that is a good quote. Reminds me of when 'the stash' was hired a few years ago to coach State's football team and was asked about the race issue....He replied "Maroon is the only color that matters."

lowdy said...

Polk's already started to calm down...some.