Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The road goes on forever and the party never ends

Back in the day 6 of us slammed into a rented minivan and trekked cross country to watch the Georgia basketball team play in the Sweet 16 in Denver. Needless to say the locals were huge fans of the Dawgs and our group because of one Terrell Davis:

That trip we spilled more beer than most people will ever drink. The former Georgia LB that was with us (he started the fight in the last UGA/tech JV game) was legendary, and 'Bronco fan' kept feeding him pitchers of Coors just to hear T.D. practice stories. You know, this trip will have to be broken down at a later time by myself and redbeard.

I'll take Brian "Pete" Peterson on our bench
over their guy Donovan McNabb anyday.

Anyhow, the following link reminded me of the Sweet 16 trip (without the John Wallace heartbreak shot).

Check out the read on the trip to Omaha by RVADAWG over on Dawgs On Top. Good stuff.


JJ said...

The 'Cuse got some nice bench production that night.

Worm said...

Man I could use a road trip right about now.

JJ said...

Something about Mark Schlereth annoys me. I can't quite put my finger on it.

melton said...

nice rek reference.