Monday, June 16, 2008

Countdown to UGA-GSU: 75 Days

For anyone out there that might look forward to these early in the morning, my apologies. A number of unavoidable factors contributed to the tardiness of today's entry.

#75 Kiante Tripp, RT
6-6,295, Atlanta GA (Westlake HS), Soph.
After choosing UGA over Ga Tech, Auburn, Alabama, Virginia Tech, and Notre Dame, Tripp came to UGA with the idea that he might end up playing any of a few different positions. Given that he came to UGA at barely 240 lbs, there were thoughts that he might be a defensive end, which is what the Dawgs originally recruited him for. There were also thoughts of possibly playing tight end or even defensive tackle. Before fall practice in 2007, he settled in at offensive tackle. My guess is that he can't still run a sub-5.0 forty yard dash as he could when he arrived in Athens, but he is still a freakish athlete. David Ching had a nice conversation with Tripp before last season when it was decided he'd make the move. I imagine Coach Searles is still convinced he's going to make Kiante some money.
Depth Chart Analysis: The next Chris Terry/Bernard Williams? Quite possibly. (Although I'm hoping/guessing that Tripp will end up with a better fate that either one of the aforementioned.) Both moved from DE to OT while in Athens, and both played in the NFL. Tripp is 50 lbs heavier than when he first reported to Athens. Given his athleticism, he should have no problem making the switch. He's been good enough in practice to solidify himself as the starting right tackle heading into the fall. He played a little last season, but this season will represent his first extended action while at UGA. This concerns some folks out there. But something tells me this kid is going to be just fine.

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