Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Georgia Hammers Tech in Baseball...Again.

Georgia advances to their 4th Super Regional of this decade ('01, '04, '06 and '08) with an 18-6 dismantling of Georgia Tech. Like yesterday, it was another great day to be a dawg.

All three previous SR's have resulted in trips to Omaha and the College World Series.

The 2008 SEC Champions and 2oo8 Athens Regional Champions will now get ready to host Raleigh Regional Champion NC State this upcoming weekend.

"You do know I can whip your ass don't you Danny"

Georgia jumped on Tech early and often scoring multiple runs in 7 of the first 8 innings. Georgia is now 6-2 all time vs Tech in postseason baseball. Tech used to be the "program" in the Peach State....NOT ANY MORE.

Georgia owns Tech. David Perno owns Tech. Perno recruits as well as Danny Hall (I'm convinced that's all Hall is good at) and he gets so much more out of his players. Oh how bright the future looks in Athens.

Classic Kudzu Hill

The storied Tech baseball program has 3 CWS appearances....David Perno is 2 wins away from having 3 himself in only 6 seasons at the helm in Athens. Georgia is going for CWS #4 since 2001.

Georgia is 2 wins vs NC State away from having double the CWS appearances as Tech, joining the '87, '90, '01,'04 and '06 teams that went to Omaha.

Yeah I know Tech had Varitek and Nomar and some quality teams in the 90's...well Georgia won a National Title in the 90's.

Do Work Son

Regional MVP Matt Olson was 5-6 with 3 RBI and 4 runs scored in Monday's beatdown. For the Regional he was 18-26 (.692) with 6 RBI and 10 runs.

Olson helped Georgia run their record to an amazing 15-0 in elimination games at Foley Field all time.

6-2 All Time vs. Tech in Postseason Play

Here is some quick footage of some of the Dawgs recognizing the fans on Kudzu Hill after the 18-6 victory. Take a bow boys:


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