Friday, June 27, 2008

Georgia Baseball Thoughts

Just a few thoughts...
It hurts to come so close and not win the National Title. You just never know when you will ever get another chance. I had said I would trade any future Championship in my lifetime by the Falcons, Hawks or Braves for this one Title. Maybe there wasn't one to trade.

Hats off to Fresno, they ran the gauntlet and whipped all comers including national seeds #2, #3, #6 and #8. Were they really all that much of a cinderella though? Come on ESPN, they were ranked to start the season. They have 31 trips to the postseason. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think only 7 or 8 programs have more appearances all time. I get that half of their players have only one hand but please. And who is it that made the last out for UGA in the '06 CWS? Dammit ESPN do some research and report something told that Beckham story 40 times. I half expected someone to ask what the black bones were for. And the whore in the dugout has got to go. Don't tell me how hot she is either...dime a dozen on Milledge Ave. I could go on and on but I need to stop for my own sake.

The run to the CWS Championship Series was a blast. I really believe it started back in the first series of the year when Peisel tried to fight half the then #1 Arizona team. The huge comeback against Arkansas to take the first SEC series on the road. Then the sweep of everyone's darlings USC when Georgia's pitching led by Trevor Holder shut down the Gamecocks loaded batting order.

The 3 run HR by Beckham that tied the game against Louisville in the Regional was well documented, but the play that stood out to me in that game that saved the season was the diving play Gordon made at ss with runners on 2nd and 3rd that kept Louisville from blowing the game open early.

The dismantling of tech will always be a fond memory. If there was any doubt who the baseball power in the Peach State is, that discussion is now over.

The moment Miles Starr laid down that 2 strike bunt single to set up Ryan Peisel's game tying HR vs Miami in Omaha, you could tell Georgia was going to do whatever it took to advance in Omaha. I just wish Georgia could have had the opportunity to eliminate the 'canes.

The future looks bright. Perno has put Georgia on the map nationally. Georgia has played in 3 of the last 5 CWS and 4 of the last 8 with a 3rd place finish in '04 and this years 2nd place finish. Outside of playing in the SEC, Perno has anually played southern powers FSU, Clemson and georgia tech. And on a national scale Perno has been scheduling the likes of Michigan, Southern Cal, Oregon State, San Diego and Arizona. Next season Georgia opens up on the road at Arizona.

What southern baseball program has done more nationally this decade than the Georgia Bulldogs? The cuban's from Miami possibly if you consider them southern, but thats it. Perno is building a monster. South Carolina? Clemson? Florida State? Sorry, but you have been passed.

Its hard to say whether next year will be a standard odd year when Georgia struggles in baseball. Georgia's recruiting has been extremely strong of late and the confidence gained from deep run in Omaha can't be overlooked. I actually expect Georgia to have a solid season next year. Depending on how many of Georgia's recruits come to campus and how many of our weekend starters go pro, Georgia could actually make another deep run next year. You just can't count out a Perno led team.


JJ said...

I'm glad to see this post. I was afraid you might have done harm to yourself.

It was painful, that's for sure.

Worm said...

Great post! It happens in sports, momentum. Momentum is a powerful thing and I dont think the Braves would have beaten Fresno State this past wekend. Georgia baseball has a great future.