Thursday, June 5, 2008


6'4", 259; Woodstock GA, (Woodstock HS) Sr
Tripp was anywhere from the #20 to #40 rated TE coming out of highschool depending on the recruiting service. He has never been the most talented TE on the team, which is no knock on him when you look at the other TE's that have suited up during his tenure. In 2006 he saw limited time and had 2 receptions for 37 yds and 1 td. His first career catch was a 21 yd td from Matthew Stafford. Last season was a rollercoaster ride for the then junior as he was suspended for the season opener and developed a case of the dropsies when he did see the field. He responded well to the boobirds that started chirping at him in Sanford and ended up finishing the season strong and making some big catches along the way (Vandy game comes to mind). He finished the 2007 season with 20 receptions 271 yds and 2 tds.
Depth Chart Analysis: Chandler enters the 08 season #1 on the depth chart. He will have two studs in Figgins and White breathing down his back for playing time. Tripp is not the blocker that Figgins is and not the recieving threat of White, he's more of a combo of the two. I like that he has been through the fire of SEC play and has shown that he is mentally strong. I look for him to be one of the vocal leaders of the offense and really help some of the younger pups, but I think his playing time will decrease as the season goes on as all 3 te's are worked into the rotation.


cajundawg said...

I think he will have a very short leash on him with White and Figgins behind him. I am pulling for him, however any sign of butterfingers and he could be on the bench, and I have a feeling if he gives these other kids a shot, they may take it to the house....either way - he kicks ass this year or the others do, we are in an incredible position, one that any team would be envious of....what stud to put in at the TE spot that can produce game breaking plays in a blink of an eye

Otto said...

I agree cajun.....good position to be in. I really look forward to watching White catch a pass up the seam. UGA looks loaded for bear at TE for the next few years.