Friday, June 6, 2008


#85, Demiko Goodman, WR
6'2", 190; Newnan, GA (Newnan) Sr

Demiko (who will from this point on go by TNBC) is my favorite player on the team. TNBC was a 4 * recruit with track speed coming out of high school. I have been waiting for TNBC to break out as a true play maker, which he has shown flashes of, but he has been haunted by injuries during his career thus far. He missed this past spring rehabbing a knee but will be 100% when two a days get rolling. He has the size and the speed (12th at the '05 Indoor Track Nationals in the 400) to stretch the field and fill the shoes of Sean Bailey. In '06 he recorded 13 receptions for 187 yds and in limited play had 7 receptions for 124 yds and 2 tds in '07. I can't help but comparing him to Reggie Brown in regards to his potential. I remember expecting big things from Brown early in his career but due to injuries and "not quite being ready for prime time' it took until his Sr yr to break out.....which he did and has not looked back yet as he has proved to be solid in Philly. I hope and predict that the same will happen in '08 for TNBC.


Depth Chart Analysis: Right now he is in a mix of players listed behind K. Harris at #1. Walter Hill and Kris Durham are fighting for their spot on the rotation with TNBC. One thing CMR has shown is that he rotates 6 wr's in two spots so being a starter is not that big of a deal. There is a lot of hype for a certain Fr coming to Athens this fall that many expect to be 'the man'. I hope AJ makes a huge splash in the SEC this year but don't sleep on TNBC....he has all the tools. UGA is really deep at WR. This group really came on in the second half of '07 and started making plays. Look for it to continue in 08 with TNBC making a big impact.


BayouDawg said...

Diggin' the TNBC name...sad day for one of my all time favorites to watch between the hedges....ole' Odel gone done it again and got himself suspended indefinetly for another drug failure...what a sad situation for such a gifted athlete.

Otto said...

Ya Bayou it is hard for me to wrap my arms around the O. Thurman situation.....such a self inflicting cycle. Forget about football I hope he gets his life together.

Bop said...

Love the TNBC name. Really good read Otto. He really is a special athlete. I just hope it translates and he explodes onto the scene this year.