Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Countdown to UGA-GSU: 80 Days

#80 Walter Hill, SE
6-4, 205, Gainesville GA (East Hall HS), RS Fr.
Hill came to UGA after first committing to Coach Dennis Felton and the UGA basketball program, choosing UGA over South Carolina and late interest from Florida and Auburn. With terrific size (the official UGA website actually shows him at 215 lbs), Hill could be a nightmare match-up for other SEC cornerbacks, and also has some tremendous athletic versatility. As a junior at East Hall, Hill caught 33 passes for 889 yards and 11 TDs. As a senior, he moved to QB, and threw for almost 2,000 yards and 7 TDs, while rushing for almost 800 yards and 5 TDs. Still, he will be a WR at UGA, and should be a good one.
Depth Chart Analysis: Hill spent the off-season getting rave reviews from Mark Richt, Matt Stafford, and Asher Allen. Think of Fred Gibson with better hands, but maybe not as much speed. He probably won't be a deep threat, but I could envision him getting his share of opportunities with that corner-of-the-endzone fade route, where he can post up a smaller corner and go get it. Currently listed at #3 on the depth chart at spilt end behind Kenneth Harris and Kris Durham, Hill will have plenty of chances to move his way up. Regardless, we'll see him in there for multiple plays each game.

As we finish up our run on wide receivers (at least for the next 8 weeks or so), I thought I'd point out (again) how loaded for bear the Dawgs are at that position. I realize there aren't any "superstars" in there necessarily, but including the incoming freshman, there are 10 solid pass catchers in this bunch, all of whom are expected to make big time contributions. I'm excited to see how Bobo, Eason and Stafford are going to manage this group.


Anonymous said...

"Think of Fred Gibson with better hands, but maybe not as much speed"

hahahaha. This made me laugh. So, he is really not like Fred Gibson at all.

And if you have seen this kid play, you would know that. Hopefully he will come out of his shell a bit, but i dont see much contribution coming from him this year. Unfortunately, he kinda reminds me of an AJ Bryant type.

JJ said...

Thanks for reading.

BayouDawg said...

I think this depth at the receiver position is fantastic, however I hope Bobo doesn't lose sight that we have a couple of STUDS in the backfield, which I don't think he will, however I hope the receivers don't get pissy when we run the ball 30 times. If Bobo can balance this situation out then we might be putting up some record numbers this year...hope the D comes up big.

Otto said...

With the O that Bobo runs I don't think we will have a problem with the WR's not being happy. In the games that Moreno got the ball 20+ times the play action really opened up. I think our WR's will accept run blocking and less receptions for the chance at the big(sportscenter highlight) play....which is what UGA's O is all run run to set up the PA pass.

JJ said...

It is probably unrealistic to think we're going to line it up and run 40 times for 200 yards every game. Some games, certainly. Most games, maybe. But Stafford is going to have to win a game or two this year if the Dawgs want to run the table.

Worm said...

The good thing about depth is that they will block or not play.