Saturday, June 14, 2008

Countdown to UGA-GSU: 77 Days

Exactly 11 weeks to kickoff. To commemorate the occasion, I'm firing up the grill at about 11 AM, slow cooking a pork loin. Chances are I will have enjoyed an adult beverage or two before the Diamond Dawgs' first pitch. I may watch a golf shot or two from the west coast while I'm waiting.

#77 Trinton Sturdivant, LT
6-5, 294, Wadesboro NC (Anson HS), Soph.
Sturdivant committed to UGA in July of 2006, over powerhouses such as Miami, Notre Dame, Clemson, USC, Penn State, and Florida. Upon graduating early, enrolling at UGA in January 2007, and enduring a full spring practice, he quickly flew up the depth chart and was firmly entrenched as the starter at left tackle for the 2007 season opener against Oklahoma State (which incidentally, made him the first true freshman to start at the all important left tackle slot for UGA, since Mike Fellows 18 years prior.) All he did after that was start the next 11 games. He ended the year on everybody's All-SEC Freshman team, as well as a 1st team Sporting News Freshman All-American. Simply put, Sturdivant is already one of the best linemen in the SEC, certainly one of UGA's most important players for this season and beyond, and is very much on the path toward becoming a millionaire in the very near future. Sturdivant has endeared himself toward UGA fans not only with his stellar play, but also with one memorable little dance jig. If this doesn't get you itching for late August to get here, you probably need to visit another area of these Internets:

Depth Chart Analysis: As solid a starter as there is. He seemed to make so few mistakes last season, it was easy to forget he was there, and even easier to forget that he was only 18 years old. We might not realize just how good he is/was at UGA until we see Roger Goodell shaking hands with him on a stage in New York City. For now, I'm just looking forward to enjoying his solid play for another 2 years minimum.
UPDATE 8/12: Sturdivant suffered a season-ending tear of all 3 major knee ligaments at Monday's practice/scrimmage. He will have surgery the week of 8/18 and will require 9-12 months of rehabilitation. Redshirt freshman Josh Davis and senior Vince Vance are expected to assume Sturdivant's starting role. Keep Sturdivant in your prayers. We all certainly hope to see him between the hedges again soon, so he can continue his trek toward a long and productive college and pro career.


Bop said...

When our offense got really lathered up last year and we were pounding Knowshon at will it was usually behind 77. Man did we get lucky with Trinton and Boling playing like they did as true freshmen.
And when was the last time the most talked about player in the country was a true freshman olineman like 77 was after the cocktail party.

Worm said...

The genius of Keyser Soze. He makes heros and dancers out of mere mortals.