Monday, June 23, 2008

Countdown to UGA-GSU: 68 Days

#68 John Potts, RT
6-3, 285, Baton Rouge, LA (Episcopal Knights), RS Fr.

Even though he's a walk-on, I always like going into LSU's backyard and stealing a big body, no matter who it is. All reports on Potts are that CSS is liking what he is seeing. Additionally, Potts was actually participating with the second team during spring workouts. I hate to sound like a broken record on a lot of these reports, but guys like Potts are essential to the success of the UGA program. While they may never see the field except in mop-up duty, these guys, a lot of times, are the heart and soul of a program. They bust their butts every day in practice, off season workouts, etc. and don't get the glory of the superstars. They play a very important role to push the starters to get better and provide somebody on the other side of the line for the superstars to go up against. Please feel free to add any information you have on Potts in the comments section.
Depth Chart Analysis: Listed at #2 on the depth chart behind stud Kiante Tripp, it appears we are a little thin at right tackle. I know understatement of the year, right? Potts redshirted his freshman year and has seen no game action, although he had a pretty decent G-Day. If worse comes to worse, I expect we'll see a re-schuffled O-line with maybe Clint Boling, Josh Davis or Vince Vance moving to the RT spot instead of seeing Potts on the field. Not saying Potts won't ever see the field on a Saturday in Sanford Stadium, but, fortunately, we have a lot of talented linemen that have been cross-trained by CSS just in case.

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