Monday, June 30, 2008

Countdown to UGA-GSU: 61 Days

#61 Ben Jones, C
6-3, 300, Centreville AL (Bibb County HS), True Freshman
As a Top 10 center prospect coming out of Bibb County, Jones considered UGA, Alabama, the Air Force Academy, and UAB before deciding on the Dawgs. He was one of the major surprises at the Under Armour All-Star Bowl in Orlando, where he was elected Red Team captain. Most of the scouts in attendance were shocked not only by his level of play on the field, but also his nastiness and readiness to lead. He enrolled at UGA early in time for spring practice, and quickly made his presence known. He was named Most Improved Offensive Lineman after spring practice.
Depth Chart Analysis: Center might be the most intriguing competition heading toward fall, and Jones is very much in the game to become the starter. After one spring practice, he is already listed as #2 (pushing Chris Davis very hard), and Richt has said on numerous occasions that he is looking for the best five across the line, no matter what their experience level is. One thing certain is that he will not be taking a redshirt this year. I'm expecting to see Jones make an impact similar to Clint Boling last season. He is simply going to be a rock over the next few years. Maybe as good a true center prospect as we've seen in Athens in a long time.


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Could you define what makes someone a good center prospect, versus tackle or guard? Thanks.

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I take it you never played football?

The center is the QB of the O-line. He must be able to read the defense, call blocking schemes (sometimes, other times the QB does this), but more importantly, the center must be able to snap the ball and block. It is much harder than it sounds / looks.

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The center more often than not knows the playbook like no other player outside the qb. He is the unquestioned leader of the oline and is responsible for putting players in position to pick up blitzes and to make the right reads in who to block in zone blocking schemes.
As to what makes a good prospect:

Center...Usually extremely bright intellectually. Can think on the go and make quick decisions. Good athlete with quick hands and feet. Normally not as large physically (Ben is above avg size), but are extremely tough with good strength. Must have the strength to take on runstuffing noseguards and have the ability to get to the second level and block linebackers. Must have good leadership qualities.

Guards...Like centers, must have exceptional strength to take on interior dlinemen. Frequently needs to block a dlinemen and then move to second level and block a lb. Needs to be mobile since a guard is pulled out in blocking situations more than any other linemen. *Watch for the 'toss g' play Bobo will call that has our guard on the playside pull out and block the corner on the toss sweep to Moreno.

Tackle...usually the largest physically. Athletic feet are a must. Has to block the smaller, quicker defensive ends and outside linebackers in passing situations, so the ability to quickly get depth is a key. Long wingspan is another thing that is looked for in a takle prospect since keeping separation from the defensive ends is important. Hand and arm strength to create separation is also important in a tackle. Also needs the lower body strength to take on a bull rush.