Tuesday, June 10, 2008

2008 College World Series: Predictions

Six of the Eight National Seeds advanced to Omaha to play for the National Title. If history repeats itself, Stanford and Fresno State should like their chances since no National Seed has won it all since 2003 when Rice won as a 5 seed. I actually believe that Stanford is one the teams to beat this year, so an unseeded team just might win it all for the 5th consecutive year.

Also of note is the fact that no 1 seed has won the National Title this decade. The last time a 1 seed won it all was in 1999 when the 1 seeded Miami team took home the title.

1 seed Miami has 23 CWS appearances and 4 Titles.
2 seed North Carolina has 7 CWS appearances.
4 seed Florida State has 19 CWS appearances.
6 seed Rice has 7 CWS appearances and 1 Title.
7 seed LSU has 14 CWS appearances and 5 Titles.
8 seed Georgia has 6 CWS appearances and 1 Title.
Stanford has 16 CWS appearances and 2 Titles.
Fresno State has 4 CWS appearances.

Bracket One:

Miami (1 Seed)
(8 Seed)

(4 Seed)

4 of the top 10, 5 of the top 12, 6 of the top 20 and 7 of the top 27 draft picks in this years MLB Draft are playing in this bracket! See this link.

Best player: FSU catcher/closer
Buster Posey
Best hitter: Georgia short stop
Gordon Beckham
Best starter: Miami's Chris Hernandez
Best closer: Georgia's Joshua Fields
Best defensive player: Stanford catcher Jason Castro


Miami and FSU are gonna be the favorites everywhere you look. This bracket is not going to make FSU's quest for their first ever title any easier. Everyone expects Miami to roll to the title...but I'm not so sure. I'm going with the two teams that are in my opinion the toughest mentally. The two teams that are going to be the hardest to knock out of Omaha are Stanford and Georgia.
2 and Q: FSU
Final 2:
Georgia and Stanford
Bracket One Winner: Georgia

Bracket Two:

UNC (2 Seed)
LSU (7 Seed)

Fresno State
Rice (6 Seed)

Best Player: Rice closer Cole St. Clair
Best Hitter:
UNC first baseman Dustin Ackley
Best Starter:
UNC's Alex White
Best Closer:
Rice's Cole St. Clair
Best Defensive Player:
LSU outfielder Jared Mitchell

LSU comes in as the hottest team in the country winning 25 of 26 and with an amazing comeback facing elimination in game 2 of their Super Regional. Fresno State did the improbable winning their Regional as a 4 seed, then taking down powerhouse ASU in 3 games to advance to Omaha. Look for Rice and UNC and their two exceptional pitching staffs to battle for the right to go to the Championship Series.

2 and Q:
Fresno State

Final 2:
Rice and UNC

Bracket 2 Winner:

UNC has been to 3 straight CWS. Georgia has been to 3 of the last 5. That experience and both roster's expectations are going to get the teams to the National Championship Series. This will be UNC's 3rd straight trip to the Championship Series. They won't have to meet Oregon State again, but instead get this years team of destiny. Every time people doubted Georgia or their backs were against the wall Coach David Perno's team responded with wins. Since I said it here on May 1st, I'm not going to back away now. I expect Perno to will the Georgia team to it's second national title.

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