Tuesday, June 3, 2008

7 Greatest Retired MLB Hitters of All Time

In the excitement of last nights drumming of tech I thought I would do a little baseball. Here are the 7 greastest retired MLB hitters of all time. Don't give me any "look at the era they played in" because as we are finding out, our era, is becoming the biggest joke of all. This is why there are no roid users (as far as I know) on this list. Here you go.

7. Rogers Hornsby- Nickname "Rajah of Swat", a play on Babe Ruth's nickname. 2 Time NL Triple Crown winner (1922 & 1925), batted .424 in 1924, and was a 7 time batting champion. Pretty much a jerk socially and his teammates didn't really like him either, but he was a hitting machine. .358 Avg, 301 HR, 1584 RBI.

6. Henry Aaron- Nicknamed "The Hammer". The most famous Brave of all time and held the HR King title for more than 30 years. Most discredit his stats because he played so long and I tend to agree, but he is definitely a top 7 hitter of all time because of these stats:
HR: 1st with 755, RBIs: 1st with 2,297, Total bases: 1st with 6,856, Extra Base hits: 1st with 1,477, At-Bats: 2nd with 12,364, Runs Scored: Tied with Babe Ruth for 3rd with 2,174, Hits: 3rd with 3,771, Games: 3rd with 3.298.

5. Mickey Mantle- "The Commerce Comet", "The Mick" would probably have broke every record if he would have taken better care of his body. He tells of hitting a HR drunk and one time he actually hit a HR with one arm. The Mick is considered the best switch hitter of all time. Was called up and sent back down early in his career and told his dad that he was going to quit, but decided to keep playing. Here is what he did: .298 avg, 536 HR in 8,102 AB.

4. Joe DiMaggio- Nicknamed the "Yankee Clipper" because clip means hit and he was a great hitter. Joe was stud on and off the field, Marilyn Monroe. But on the field he won 3 MVP, .325 Avg, 361 HR, 56 game hit streak and only struck out 369 times in 13 years of baseball. Many consider him to be the best all around player because he was a great defensive player as well.

3. Lou Gehrig- Nicknamed "The Iron Horse" after and unstoppable train because he played in 2130 consecutive games. He graduaded from Columbia University where he was on football scholarship not baseball. As a Yahkee in 1931 he had 184 RBI's and avg 142 RBI's for his career. Playingin 8001 games he batted .340, 493 HR, 1995 RBI, and .632 slg %. Without a doubt the best nickname ever in baseball and also maybe the greatest so long speach of all time.

2. Ted Williams- Nicknamed "The Splendid Splinter", he was the last man to hit .400 when in 1941 he hit .406.He was a 6 time AL batting champ, 9 time Slg champ, and won the Triple Crown twice. He had a career of only 7706 AB, .344 Avg, 521 HR, 1839 RBI, 2019 Walks, .634 Slg %, and missed almost 5 full seasons, in his prime, because he served in World War II and The Korean War. No wonder his kids want to keep his eyes.

1. Babe Ruth- Nicknamed "The Bambino","The Sultan of Swat", and more. . . because he was the most dominate, feared hitter of all time and boy could he party. Part of the worst trade in baseball history, The Babe won 12 HR titles, 13 Slg titles, and 6 RBI titles. In only 8399 ganes he batted .342, 714 HR, 2213 RBI, 2062 walks, .690 slg %, and all this eating hot dogs and drinking a keg of beer every other day.

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