Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Postseason Positioning

The 2008 SEC Champion Georgia baseball team is in thick of the race for one of the 8 National Seeds for the NCAA tourney. The top 8 seeds are guaranteed home field until Omaha. The other main advantage of being a National Seed is the fact that you don't have to meet one of the other 8 National Seeds until the CWS. This would mean no 3 game Super Regional for Perno's Dawgs in Coral Gables, Tallahassee or Cary should Georgia make it out of the upcoming Athens Regional.

Coming into last nights game vs Georgia Tech the Dawgs were #10 in the rpi. The 3-2 win over rpi #8 Tech should help solidify our spot as a top 10 rpi team. You can check here to see where UGA stands in the rpi rankings after the victory at Turner Field. Georgia has won 4 straight over Georgia Tech at Turner Field and 5 out of 6.

Even though Georgia has locked up the SEC before the final conference series at home vs Alabama, expect Perno to go after this series the same way he has the previous 9. A sweep would go a long way in getting that Top 8 seed. 2 wins vs Bama and 2 wins in Hoover at the SEC Tourney should lock it up.

From the moment Ryan Peisel tried to fight half the then #1 Arizona team in the opening series of the year, this team has been on a mission to be The Champ. The only thing greater than watching the Dawgs win a Super Regional in Athens to advance to the CWS would be to watch it from the green house above Kudzo Hill.


JJ said...

Who do you expect to be our most likely opponent if we get out of the Regional? Tech again in Athens?

Bop said...

My best guess right now would be either NC State, Southern Miss, or Tech.

Of course if we don't lock down the National Seed expect to go to Tallahassee. Possibly to North Carolina.