Thursday, May 29, 2008

My top cinco cosas to do in...Charleston, SC

I always said that if the Good Lord had not allowed me to go to school in Athens, GA, then my next choice would have been Charleston, South Carolina. Talk about a classic Southern city. Everything we wish Atlanta was, Charleston offers more history than New Orleans, more culture than Nashville, and more old money than Richmond. This city feels more alive each time I visit.
Without further ado...
1 Walk around historic downtown. This city is 300+ years old and you'll be hard-pressed to find as much history and character on this side of the Atlantic. If you like architecture, you should plan to stay a while.
2 Have a pint at Tommy Condon's Irish Pub. I like beer and I like the Irish, so this place feels like home to me. Try to make it on a Wednesday or a Friday for some live Irish music. And don't overlook the Irish Nachos.
3 Visit CharlesTowne Landing State Park. For a glimpse at life in an English colony, check out the historic architecture exhibit and see the archaeologists digging at the site of the original colony, years before the city of Charleston was founded across the Ashley River.
4 Go to the beach. Isle of Palms and Folly Beach are both a hop away, and offer a nice break from the city. Don't miss the huge suspension bridge on the way to Isle of Palms called the ravenel bridge.
5 Check out Fort Sumter, and listen for the echoes of the first shot of The War, fired by a young lieutenant named Henry S. Farley at 4:30 AM on April 12, 1861.


Bop said...

"Everything we wish Atlanta was" true!
Nice piece. Got me thinking.

My top southern towns (Not in GA)are:

1. New Orleans, LA
2. Charleston, SC
3. Franklin, TN
4. Oxford, MS
5. Vicksburg, MS said...

Great City! Check out Southend Brewery & try the beer sampler. My favorite: Blonde Ale. Goes great with a "grouper on a hoogie".